Following the events at home, the Abbott family now face the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.

After he and his wife are murdered, marine Ray Garrison is resurrected by a team of scientists. Enhanced with nanotechnology, he becomes a superhuman, biotech killing machine – Bloodshot. As Ray first trains with fellow super-soldiers, he cannot recall anything from his former life. But when his memories flood back and he remembers the man that killed both him and his wife, he breaks out of the facility to get revenge, only to discover that there’s more to the conspiracy than he thought.

Ayyappanum Koshiyum full movie Download

Koshy, a retired havildar (Prithviraj) and Ayyappan Nair (Biju Menon) is a middle-aged policeman on the verge of retirement who is due to get a medal, one night Ayyappan Nair apprehends koshy for transporting bottles of booze in ‘dry’ territory  in Attappadi just 5 days before  Christmas. Before going to jail, Koshy tells Ayyappan Nair that he will get back at him the moment he gets bail, the ego and war of wordsand and thoughts more than one fought with weapons. Ayyappanum Koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum cast

Prithviraj as Havildar Koshy Kurien

Biju Menon as Ayyappan Nair / Mundoor Madan

Ranjith as Kurien John (Koshy Kurien’s Father)

Gowri Nandha as Kannamma (Ayyappan Nair Wife)

Anna Rajan as Ruby Koshy Kurien

Sabumon Abdusamad as Kuttamani

Dhanya Ananya as Jessy

Aji John as Ummen

Nandu Anand as Joby

Anu Mohan

Anil Nedumangad as C.I Satheesh

Shaju Sreedhar

Ramesh Kottayam as driver Kumaran/Kumarettan

Saleesh N Sankaran as Dy SP Cheriyan George

Alencier Ley Lopez as Cameo Appearance

Johny Antony as Cameo Appearance

ayyappanum koshiyum ull movie download
Ayyappanum koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum Songs

Ariyathariyathe sung by Kottakkal Madhu

Thalam Poyi sung by Jakes Bejoy, Sangeetha & Nanchamma

Kalakkatha sung by Nanchamma

Adakachakko sung by Prithviraj Sukumaran & Biju Menon

ayyappanum koshiyum ull movie download
Ayyappanum koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum full movie download

Koshy is a retired havildar who is enroute to Ooty from his native Kattappana with bottles of liquor via Attappadi, which is a non-liquor zone. Ayyappan Nair’s subordinates arrest him and the chaos begins.The arrest bruises the ego of Koshy, who is the son of Kurian John (Ranjith), a typical toxic masculine Achayan from the high range. After having promised his wife and daughters that he would return home for Christmas, Koshy is now being jailed without bail for nearly two weeks. The moment he gets bail, Koshy begins working towards revenge. How things take a turn when his deeds question the clear service records of Ayyappan Nair, who was supposed to bag the police medal from the chief minister, make the gist of the film. This is basically a major ego clash between Ayyappan and Koshy, which is fuelled by Kannamma (Gowri Nanda), Ayyappan Nair’s wife, and Kurian. If Ayyappan fight is for existence, the Kurian father-son do it out of a pride and arrogance. And the director manages to hold the audience in that compelling mood from start to finish.

Full movie – Link 1

Full movie – Link 2

Full movie – Link 3

Full movie – Link 4

However, this is not just about the egos of Koshy or Ayyappan, but also that of Koshy’s father, Kurian (Ranjith). Kurian is an old man bursting with excessive pride and trying to relive his glory days by intervening in Koshy’s matters, much to the latter’s chagrin. Here is a son caught between settling matters on his own and trying to appease his father. And being the loose cannon that he is, Ayyappan doesn’t waste any opportunity to give Koshy a taste of havoc he can create. Things reach a point where Koshy has to be protected from Ayyappan.

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Ayyappanum Koshiyum is essentially a masterclass by Sachy on how to make a three-hour film by relying mostly on dialogues, which carry enough power to not just reverberate through the walls of the movie hall but also each cell and nerve in your body. With a script like this, one doesn’t need bullets or pyrotechnics to excite the audience. Sachy does that with his characters, a rare skill that not many filmmakers possess today.

ayyappanum koshiyum ull movie download
Ayyappanum koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum – Audience Review

“Ayyapanum koshiyum is a sureshot blockbuster of 2020. The reason behind FDFS is Sachy. As a brilliant script writer he always inspires us and his scripts always offer a minimum guarantee about the film. Now once again as a director he surprises us with his favourite team like Prithviraj & Biju Menon. Brilliant Film with perfect casting and an amazing director with his own script to convey the message at it’s best. Cinematography department really deserves appreciation for the amazing shots in Attapadi. Movie clearly delivers the culture and believes of Attapadi with perfect cast and locations.” – Giby

“A well written script with some striking oneliners supported by a stellar cast and crew. Prithvi scores the first half and Biju menon hit high on second half.Their on screen chemistry just made the movie entertaining this time as rivals. Biju menon again shows that when he is portarying a rough character nobody can outshine him he simply outperform everyone including prithvi .But prithvi balance it with his impeccable screen presence. The place is simply awesome and bgm set the right tone. Sachy is again proved his craftmanship.Editor could have reduce the runtime but still its not strechy or boring because of the intensity set by Biju menon and the perfection of prithvi. Its a blockbuster for sure “ – Vishnu

World famous lover full movie download

Gowtham (Vijay Deverakonda) who dreams to become a popular writer and he starts to live in his own world. Though he staying in a relationship with his college lover Yamini (Raashi Kanna), he starts to ignore Yamini slowly at a point of time he ignores her completely, yamini gets into depression and breaks up with Gowtham. Gowtham starts to realize the mistake he did and not only wins back yamini but also becomes the successful writer. First, he writes the story of Seenayya and Suvarna which is set up in Yellandu and later he writes the story of Gowtham and Iza based in Paris. World famous lover full movie download

World Famous lover full movie download
World Famous lover full movie download

World famous lover cast

Vijay Deverakonda

Catherine Tresa

Raashi Khanna

Aishwarya Rajesh

Izabelle Leite

World famous lover Songs

My Love by Sri Krishna, Ramya Behara       

Boggu Ganilo by Niranj Suresh        

Raletti by Divya S. Menon    

Comosava Paris by Benny Dayal      

Mana Kadha by L. V. Revanth          

World famous lover full movie download

Vijay Deverakonda single handedly takes the movie on fire with his presence and performance in three different roles. Vijay Devarkonda acted in three different shades from One of them, reminds us Arjun Reddy. Seenayya character is a surprise package and wins the show. Raashi Khanna who gets full length role, has justified with her role. Aishwarya Rajesh has a de-glamorous role and lesser run time but she steals the show with her performance. Catherine Teresa is neat in her role and does what is expected of her. In all the love stories, the Telangana story featuring Aishwarya, Catherine, and Vijay is the best and has good moments.

World Famous Lover 720 HD Movie

World famous lover Review – Audience

Many said the movie was bad. But to be frank I liked it 😑😑 Vijay Devarakonda Killed it 👌👌👌👌 The narration was too slow and poetic way of telling. Theere could be more intende in 2nd half, but there it missed the track. – Vishal

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Different movie..Vijay devarkonda nailed it again..but main attraction of the movie other than vd is rashi kanna..rashi did a fantastic job..suvarna and seenayya episode is good..totally a different experience 👌🏻 – Naga

Jaanu Movie story

K Ramachandra (Sharwanand) and S Janaki Devi (Samantha) are high-school sweethearts who meet at a reunion after seventeen long years. What transpires next is stuff bittersweet dreams are made of. Jaanu and Janaki, falls somewhere in between. It’s both heartbreaking and cathartic at the same time, and to truly understand why every conversation between the two characters – Ram and Jaanu – feels like a ticking time-bomb, one has to delve into how writer and director C Prem Kumar uses long pauses and silence as a prelude to confessions between the two characters.

Jaanu full movie download
Jaanu  full movie download

Ram (Sharwanand), a travel photographer, meets his old flame Jaanu (Samantha) during a school reunion. As they spend the night together, they relive the past whilst discussing their present lives. While Jaanu moved on and made peace with her love failure, Ram is yet to come out of it.

Jaanu full movie download
Jaanu  full movie download

Jaanu is a faithful, line-by-line remake, except for a few changes in the pop culture references and new songs replacing the ones in the original. The film has captured the essence of the original as a result of it. The makers have given a mature treatment of love failure, as the film holds either of them responsible for the failed romance.

Click to Download Jaanu HD Movie

Jaanu Movie story

Jaanu Cast


Sai Kiran Kumar


Gouri G Kishan

Saranya Pradeep

Hasini Mavi

Vennela Kishore

Thagubothu Ramesh

Raghu Babu

Varsha Bollamma

Tanikella Bharani

Jaanu Movie Songs

“The Life of Ram” sung by Pradeep Kumar

“Pranam” sung by Chinmayi and Goutham Bharadwaj

“Oohale” sung by Chinmayi and Govind Vasantha

“Nee Kale Kali”  sung by Brinda

“Inthena” sung by Chinmayi

“Komma Veedi” sung by Chinmayi and  Govind Vasantha

“Anantham” sung by Chinmayi and Govind

Jaanu  full movie download

K Ramachandra aka Ram (Sharwanand) is a travel photographer, a lone ranger and a free spirit who has built up layers of walls over the years and formed his own bubble to live in. When he visits his hometown Visakhapatnam, the walls begin to crumble one by one as he cherishes the memories of his childhood. A school reunion is called for in Hyderabad and while he’s happy to meet his childhood friends (Saranya Pradeep, Tagubothu Ramesh, Vennela Kishore), he’s really there for his childhood sweetheart S Janaki Devi alias Jaanu (Samantha). And when the two inevitably meet, with the chance to spend a few hours together in the hope to salve some deep wounds that still remain, what unfolds is difficult to describe but something truly magical.

Jaanu is like a huge suitcase-full of memories that Ram cherishes. A journey that kick-starts with a class photo and ends right where it begins, except leaving two people with the closure they might not deserve but need. The romance between Ram and Jaanu is understated yet well-defined in the most beautiful of ways. Tenth-grader Ram (Sai Kiran Kumar) suddenly finds himself unable to speak in his friend Jaanu’s (Gouri G Kishan) presence, a problem that will continue for years to come. Jaanu sings like a dream (like her namesake) and is unafraid of prodding Ram to get what she wants. And just like their romance, the reason they parted ways years ago is also so frustratingly simple.

For all the beautiful moments that the film creates, it’s also self-indulgent in a way. And part of the reason why it feels a tad too slow at times is how Prem Kumar chooses to let the story unfold after both Jaanu and Ram share their version of what exactly happened in the past. In this story, the truth doesn’t quite set the characters free. In fact, it reiterates that no matter how much they try to lessen the emotional burden from their hearts, both of them struggle to move on. So, in the third act of the film, when Ram and Jaanu talk about their future and what both of them want the other person to do next, it feels more like wishful thinking than a resolution to their conflict. Both of them pretend that they have repressed their feelings, if any, but their actions speak otherwise.

Click here to download : Ala VaikuntaPurramulo

Jaanu is a nostalgic trip filled with lots of beautiful moments, and it also makes you ask yourselves if you can truly move on from some relationships. By the end of the film, Ram is so moved after meeting Jaanu that he clings on to her memories even more, and Jaanu herself struggles to let go despite knowing that she has another man in her life. The fuse keeps burning without an end in sight, and that’s what makes it so effective.

Audience Review

Nice movie but didn’t get the original flavor of 96… movie was little bit slow in first half but second half is good. Nice acting by sarvanandh and Samantha- Akhil

Sam & Sharva lived in .. No comparisons pls.Original is always the best .. Respect …Perfect emotions .. perfect feel perfect love- sreekanth

Malgudi Days Story

In this amalgamation of relationships and nostalgia, a 65-year-old celebrated writer Lakshminarayana Malgudi announces his retirement. On his Post-retirement run to complete a few pending things, he happens to meet a young girl named Prakruthi who becomes a part of his journey. What uncovers next is the writer`s past, the reason why she joins him in his journey and the inspiring connection between Malgudi Days and Lakshminarayana Malgudi.   Malgudi days full movie download here

Malgudi Days Cast

Arjun Kapikad

Vidya Murthy

Vijay Raghavendra

Greeshma Sridhar


Malgudi Days Full movie download

Prakruti is a young IT analyst who’s annoyed with her boss constantly making passes at her. Ageing author Lakshminarayana Malgudi, has just announced his retirement, and following his wife’s demise, his kids are pressuring him to move to America, to live with them. The two are at flight risk, and a chance meeting makes them embark on a road trip to Malgudi, together.The fresh storyline and unconventional protagonists make this tale a refreshing experience. The lead characters, Vijay Raghavendra as Lakshminarayana Malgudi and Greeshma Shridhar as Prakruti, shine in their roles.While the prosthetic makeup (for Vijay Raghavendra) playing the old man seems a bit inconsistent – the actor is consistent with his gait and mannerisms. Although, Vijay might look a tad bit built for the scenes showcasing his younger, school-going days, he pulls it off with his acting prowess. All the other supporting characters ably perform their roles too. And each role, regardless how minute, is given their due with well-etched out lines.

Writer Lakshmi Narayana Malgudi (Vijay Raghavendra) has announced his retirement from writing and his fans are heartbroken. The man, who lived his entire life creating wonderful memories for his readers, carries around a heavy heart but refuses to share with anyone the reason behind it. While his family suggests that he settle in a foreign land, Malgudi has other plans. He decides to go back to the place where he spent his childhood – Malgudi.On the other hand, Prakruti (Greeshma), who has quit her job after reporting workplace harassment, is on the way to find herself. The two bump into each other and begin a journey together. En route, they narrate their stories to each other.In the flashback, set in the 70s, Malgudi (a young Vijay Raghavendra), a studious Class 10 student, falls in love with Lenita. Her father, a cop, is recently transferred to Malgudi and the family is still in the process of settling down. Malgudi’s love for Lenita doubles when he finds out she is mute. Amidst all this, communal tension breaks out between Hindus and Christians in the town. While Lenita reciprocates Malgudi’s love, miscreants blame Lenita’s family for indulging in conversion. As the tension intensifies, Malgudi flees to Bengaluru. Forty years later, still in love with Lenita, he enters Malgudi with the hope of meeting her. But, will he succeed?

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While the makers have repeatedly clarified that the movie has nothing to do with the book, the expectations of cine-goers remained high. The makers have tried to justify the title to an extent but fall just short of expectations because of poor editing at crucial twists and turns. In movies shot in the Malnad region of Karnataka’s Western Ghats, nostalgia evokes a certain sweet and painful emotion watching the rain while resting one’s head on windows/doors. The movie tries to portray the ambience and feel of Western Ghat villages but the artwork is not up to the mark. Though the heroine’s looks take the audience back to the 70s, it is not convincing.

Click to Download Malgudi Days Full movie

Malgudi days full movie download
Malgudi days full movie download

Malgudi Days Audience Review

“Very nice movie, just came from theatre a rarely write reviews. This movie is way better than most of our Kannada movies in recent times, Vijaya Raghavendra has done a fabulous job. What a great actor Kannada industry has planning to go one more time with family “- sowmya

“One of the best movies so far. Brings childhood memories back to life and also the actors have done phenomenal job in portraying the characters. This movie may seem long but it gets interesting scene-by-scene. The beautiful adventures of the childhood. ❤️❤️” – Kiran

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Trance full movie download

Love Aaj Kal Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Imtiaz Ali and starring Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan. It is scheduled for cinema release in India on 14 February 2020 on Valentine’s Day.Love Aaj Kal is Imtiaz’s take on love in the modern times with a dash of nostagia. It presents a contemporary and relatable portrayal of two stories set in different times that interact to learn (or perhaps unlearn) from each other the different facets of love, commitment and relationships. Subscribe to Moviezbag to download Trance full movie download.

Trance full movie download
Trance full movie download

Trance Cast

Fahadh Faasil

Nazriya Nazim

Gautham Menon

Soubin Shahir


Chemban Vinod Jose

Dileesh Pothan

Sreenath Bhasi

Jinu Joseph

Srinda Arhaan

Arjun Ashokan

Joju George

Dharmajan Bolgatty

Arushi Mudgal

Aswathi Menon

Trance Songs

Raat – Sung by Sneha Khanwalkar and Neha Nair

Noolupoya –sung by Pradeep Kumar, Mohammed Maqbool Mansoor, Jackson Vijayan and Varun Sunil

Love Aaj Kal full movie download

Love Aaj Kal Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Imtiaz Ali and starring Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan. Twenty-two-year-old Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan) is averse to a serious long term relationship. She wants to have fun with no strings attached and pursue her career. But another love story from the past makes her question her own choices.

Love Aaj Kal full movie download
Love Aaj Kal full movie download

Love Aaj Kal Cast

Kartik Aaryan as Veer and Raghu

Sara Ali Khan as Zoe

Randeep Hooda

Arushi Sharma as Leena

Love Aaj Kal Song

“Shayad” sung by Arijit Singh

“Haan Main Galat” sung by Arijit Singh and Shashwat Singh

“Mehrama” Sung by Darshan Raval and Antara Mitra

Love Aaj Kal Full Movie Download

Writer-director Imtiaz Ali narrates the 2020 ‘Love Aaj Kal’ in the same format as his hugely successful directorial in 2009 by the same name. However, the love stories are fresh with different set of conflicts that vary with time. Ali makes it relevant by showing us the contrast between traditional small town-love that was simple yet difficult versus the contemporary urban love that is complex and messed-up.

Click to Download Love Aaj Kal HD Movie

Ali’s protagonist Zoe is the embodiment of the latter. A complicated character, who has a five-year plan to make merry and launch her own event management company, before she ‘settles down’ in a committed relationship. While Sara Ali Khan is the right age to play Zoe, she falls short of convincingly pulling off the complexity of her firebrand and fiercely independent character. Sara has an imposing screen presence and looks gorgeous, but her performance doesn’t quite make you root for Zoe. Kartik Aaryan is good as the boyish Raghu, whose transformation from a timid lovelorn small-towner to a big-city Casanova, is believable. As Veer, however, even Kartik doesn’t get to do more than meekly follow around the love of his life and be at her beck and call. But it’s Randeep Hooda, who leaves a lasting impression even with lesser screen time. Sporting a handlebar moustache and crisp linen shirts, the underrated actor looks quite dapper.

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He is aptly cast for the role that is quite like Rishi Kapoor’s character in the original. In fact, it is his story that is far more interesting, relatable and entertaining. Ali uses vivid tones and beautiful backdrops to recreate Raghu’s love story with Leena played by debutante Arushi Sharma, who delivers quite effectively. However, the flashback story is interrupted way too many times to accommodate the film’s non-linear narrative. While the film’s emotionally charged narrative is casual in its approach, there are barely any light moments.

Audience Review

“It’s slow but well portrayed love story of a confused, career oriented, free spirited girl. How she eventually realise the true meaning of love which was unfortunately mis conceptualised by her mother, due to failed marriage. Imtiaz Ali has very nicely showed that the older generation inspite of so many communication and social hindrances, would do anything for true love. Whereas today’s generation do have the best modes of communications, still they can’t realise or commit to true love. Very balanced and subtle classy movie. Must watch for today’s fast paced generation. Acting of all the characters is nice “👍🏼 – Deepa

Its a parallel love story of old and current time as we have already seen in Love aaj kal. The director tries to explore the true meaning of love in his love stories like Jab we met, Tamasha,Love Aaj kal,etc. Here he adds two more factors to make affect on the story, sex and career are two passainate elements of current generation but once you achieve or get satisfaction in both then you feel need for real love. So your ambition and passion can surpas the emotions but you can not control your true love. The movie is little lengthy and slow in display, all have acted well to justify their roles. Pritam has given some melodious songs after quite some time. – K. Shuddhodhan

Khakii is a romantic action drama film written and directed By Naviin Reddy B and produced by Manasa Tarun, Tarun Shivappa under Tarun Talkies banner. The movie cast includes Chirranjeevi Sarja and Tanya Hope are playing the main lead roles while Ritvik Muralidhar scored music.

Disco Raja is working on a medical project and forwards his research to the Indian Council of Medical Research who rejects his project and denies him permission to continue researching.

Two rival dance groups from India and Pakistan who are always competing against each other, join forces when it comes to competing at an international dance competition.

An on-the-lam punk rocker and a young woman obsessed with his band go on an unexpected and epic journey together through the decaying suburbs of the American Midwest.

Ala Vaikuntapurramulo Story

Ala Vaikunthapuramulo is Telugu-language action drama film directed by Trivikram Srinivas and produced by Allu Aravind and S. Radha Krishna under their banner of Geetha Arts and Haarika & Hassine Creation.Bantu (Allu Arjun) grows up seeking validation from a cold-hearted father Valmiki (Murli Sharma) who puts him down at every step of his life. Millionaire Ramachandra (Jayram) wishes his son Raj Manohar (Sushanth A) was more assertive. How Bantu’s life intersects with them forms the tale. so what is Ala Vaikuntapurramulo Review


Ala Vaikuntapurramulo Cast

Allu Arjun as Raj Manohar / Bantu
Pooja Hegde as Amulya
Tabu as Anjali
Jayaram as Ramachandra
Sushanth as Raj
Nivetha Pethuraj
Samuthirakani as Appala Naidu
Murali Sharma as Valmiki
Govind Padmasoorya as Paidithalli[8]
Rohini as Valmiki’s wife
Sunil as Seetharam
Sachin Khedekar as ARK
Harsha Vardhan as Kashiram
Rajendra Prasad as G.Prajapati
Rahul Ramakrishna
Vennela Kishore as Shrinivas
Rao Ramesh
Brahmanandam in a guest appearance for Ramuloo Ramulaa
Ajay as Satyam
Tanikella Bharani
Chammak Chandra as money lender

Ala Vaikuntapurramulo Review Critics

” Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo is set in the soft beautifully framed movie. The evil-doers here are left to their own devices, in hope that karma will get to them. And when that doesn’t work, they’re of course beaten up black and blue, but in style. The film sets up a lot of characters and ends up showcasing scenarios that are completely implausible. But the film’s biggest strength is that you buy it all, even if Trivikram, yet again, tells the tale of a man who wants to help a family he cares about.

The bane of Bantu’s (Allu Arjun) existence is his father Valmiki (Murli Sharma). The older man likes putting down his son at every opportunity, reminding him of his fate for having been born in a middle-class family. He seems more interested in his boss Ramachandra’s (Jayram) son Raj Manohar (Sushanth A) than his own and there’s a reason for it. The chaos that ensues when Bantu finds out the truth about his father and enters Vaikunthapurram (the lavish home Ramachandra and his family stay at) in a bid to help them is worth watching. But not because the film pulls of something new, it doesn’t “.

Thaman S’ music and background score for this one is impressive (Ramuloo Ramulaa and OMG Daddy are killer) and the cinematography by PS Vinod is good. Naveen Nooli’s editing could’ve been tighter, especially in the second half, where the film doesn’t pack the kind of punch the first half did. Trivikram’s fans might miss his trademark punch comedic dialogues, but fitting with the theme of the film, the comedy in this one is more dry and sarcastic, and it works!

Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo has a little bit of everything and despite the cliché and predictable storyline; Trivikram manages to make it work and deliver what he promises. Watch this one for Allu Arjun, especially if you’re a fan, for he shines in this one and of course, the fun of it all. Says  Times of India and gives (3.5/5) stars

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Ala Vaikuntapurramulo Review – Audience

“Most probably a minute by minute entertainer I should say without any hesitation as the making is completely engaging right from very first scene. Songs, action sequences, comedy everything goes at perfect time which certainly makes not only Allu Arjun fans to roar but also the common audiences. Brilliant music composition no need to mention about the reach it has already made but to see it in visuals its completely a feasty treat for all. This film caters the need of all Allu Arjun fans thoroughly. Undoubtedly the best movie to watch with family and friends and celebrate this festive season whistling and see one of the best movie of Allu Arjun till date..kudos to the entire unit for making such a lovely film filled with all flavours expected” – Sathish who gives (5/5)

Ala Vaikuntapurramulo Review
 Ala Vaikuntapurramulo Review

” Well this one was one hell of a family entertainer!. Where should I begin AA was in full form here . The songs are beautiful with ramulu ramula being the highlight song with extravagant visuals. There are many character artists who Acted in this film but sushanth has got a meaty role and murali sharma also got a good role . He is the main point in the film. The film’s biggest strength however is trivikram guruji himself . His dialogues are amazing in this film . This is his film after all. All the vintage trivikram element’s are present here . Overall a really well made film with good dose of comedy and action and emotion. This is sankranthi winner in my opinion ” says Kiran who gives (5/5)

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Inspired by the story of real-life acid attack crusader Laxmi Agarwal, Meghna Gulzar’s latest release, Chhapaak majorly revolves around the aftermath of this brutal hate crime. The director sensitively handles this subject and makes us empathize with acid-attack survivors. She chooses to make the film a journey about grit and hope instead of reducing it to a sob story. Chhapaak full movie download

Chhapaak Cast

Deepika Padukone as Malti
Vikrant Massey as Amol
Madhurjeet Sarghi as Archana Bajaj
Anand Tiwari as Bajaj’s husband
Vaibhavi Upadhyaya as Minakshi
Payal Nair as Shiraz
Vishal Dahiya as Basheer Shaikh, the acid attacker
Ankit Bisht as Rajesh
Geeta Agarwal
Manohar Teli
Sharvari Deshpande
Delzad Hivale

Chhapaak full movie download

Meghna Gulzar’s ‘Chhapaak’ is inspired by the story of real life acid attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal, who has become a symbol of strength and inspiration for many women. The film is a fictionalized account with Deepika Padukone playing the central character Malti, who is attacked in broad daylight on the streets of Delhi by a friend of the family, Bashir Khan aka Babbu and his aide.

Chhapaak full movie download
Chhapaak full movie download

As the narrative chooses a non-linear route, we first meet Malti when she is on a job hunt – consciously trying to move on from the emotional scars that the heinous crime has left her with. For the physical scars, she has to go through a number of complicated surgeries. In fact, far from the dreams she nursed of being a singer, her life is now an intersection of her work with an NGO for acid victims, her multiple surgeries and her court cases. Yet, the film steers away from melodrama or manipulation, and instead gives us a powerful protagonist whose resolve to fight is punctuated with her determined smiles, the pain in her eyes and her indomitable spirit.

As support from her family dwindles owing to her brother’s illness and father’s death, it is Malti’s lawyer Archana (Madhurjeet Sarghi), who stands by her through her arduous journey. From Malti’s PIL to ban the sale of acid to amendments in the acid violence legislation, her team of women lawyers, take on the system. Her other main support comes from Amol (Vikrant Massey), who employs her to work for his NGO.

Deepika Padukone is the soul of the film, delivering a brilliant, immersive performance. In fact, there are many scenes where her act will move you to tears – like the one where she holds up an earring to her face but realizes now she can’t put it on. Or her piercing cry when she sees her face for the first time in a mirror after the attack. And one where she determinedly tells Amol, “Mujhe party karni hain.” Precisely why Malti’s character is a winner because at no point does she succumb to self-pity. And as Deepika embraces her character completely, her transformation is enhanced through effective prosthetics. Devoid of even a hint of glamour, all we see is Malti throughout.

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” So unless you’ve been living under a rock you should be aware of what the movie is about, so I’ll quickly jump into what worked for me and what did not.

Here’s what worked

a) The way the movie makes you squirm by portraying the terror faced by the acid attack victims. There is no censoring the violence, the pain or the way in which a person’s life is changed by just a glass of liquid
b) Deepika Padukone as Malti, I could write paras about how damn good Deepika is and how she lives up to the task of literally being in every frame of the movie, but I’ll just limit it to one scene. Her scream on being attacked literally broke my heart, to bring in such rawness was essential to the role and she delivered that with aplomb
c) Vikrant Massey as Amol – I posted it last week on this guy’s performance in Broken but Beautiful, and I’ll say it again. Everything that this guy touches is so good, we use this expression a lot but here is one sincere actor who puts his 100% in giving the best in every single frame
d) The court scenes – Unlike most movies which have legal proceedings as a major part of the script the court scenes do not drag here, they are precise and to the point
e) The title track – Arijit Singh delivers a masterpiece with the song Chhapaak, but then how often do we say this? Anything surprising in this?

What did not work

a) The duration – Even at 2.05 hours the movie seems stretched a bit, especially in the second half. Some angles, including the addition of a budding romantic angle add nothing to the story at all
b) The missing feeling of triumph – Maybe it has a lot to do with the slightly weak direction here, but unlike a “Pink” where I felt Taapsee’s triumph I did not feel the same level of elation at watching Malti achieve her goal

Overall Recommendation – 3.5 stars, the movie achieves its objectives and is lifted by the performances but there was a scope to achieve more here” – Abhishek Manroa

“Today’s generation who is loosing on compassion will not digest. For me it is a must watch for teenagers and college goers. The young generation should be aware and these movies would also help those dirty mind-set acid attackers to atleast evidence the tough going. Anyways a message to Governmnt and public to be more aware and to be proactive too. Let all who witness such incident learn to handle emergency. Everyone in public should have taken bottles of water to douse the pain of the lady. Half the time we as public don’t know how to react. Incase of fire we know water is needed to douse flames. Yet today people don’t even take that initiative. Such movies will help public to spot the guilty on time and scream thief no acid-attack”- Krishna who gives 4/5 .

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After losing his father in an attack, Tanhaji grows up to become Maratha Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s military leader. As Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb seizes the strategic hill fortress Kondhana in order to make it the Mughal base of Southern India from where he could extend his empire, Shivaji, who gave away the fortress as the part of a peace treaty, tries to hide this from Tanhaji whose son is going to get married. When Tanhaji discovers about this, he sets out to stop Aurangzeb’s trusted soldier Udaybhan Singh Rathore from reaching the fortress and taking control of it as per his king’s orders. Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download

Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior cast

Ajay Devgn as Tanaji Malusare
Saif Ali Khan as Udaybhan Singh Rathore
Kajol as Savitribai Malusare
Sharad Kelkar as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Luke Kenny as Aurangzeb
Padmavati Rao as Rajmata Jijabai
Shashank Shende as Shelaar Mama
Devdatta Nage as Suryaji Malusare, Tanaji’s brother
Neha Sharma as Kamla Devi
Ajinkya Deo as Pisal
Vipul Kumar Gupta as Jagat Singh
Jagannath Nivangune as Tanhaji’s father
Trisha Patil as Tanhaji’s mother
Hardik Sangani as Gondya

Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download

The film begins with a young Tanhaji losing his father on the battlefield. ‘Log vashihat mein bahut kuch chhod jaate hai, mein tere liye karz chhodkar jaa raha hoon,” the latter passes on his iron kada (signifying his dream of achieving Swarajya for the country) before breathing his last. Years pass by and the lad grows up into a fierce Maratha warrior (Ajay Devgn) who is one of the closest aides of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Sharad Kelkar). When the king is forced to surrender 23 forts to the Moghuls including the Kondhana fort (which is of strategic importance), Rajamata Jijabai’s pride is hurt and she swears to walk bare feet until the Marathas recapture the Kondhana fort. Four years later, a spy brings news for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that Aurangzeb (Luke Kenny) is planning to send his trusted commander Udaybhan (Saif Ali Khan) to Kondhana to ensure that the Marathas are unable to recapture the fort. Finding it a perfect opportunity to reclaim the fort, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj starts planning for the conquest, making sure that the news doesn’t reach Tanhaji Malusare who is busy with the preparations for his son’s wedding in Umrat. Somehow the news of Chhatrapati’s plans reach Tanhaji’s ears and the latter firmly decides, “Adhi lagin kondhanyach mag majhya raibacha.” The rest of the plot revolves around how Tanhaji Malusare and his brave Mavlas recapture the Kondhana fort in the Battle Of Sinhagad on February 4, 1670.

Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download
    Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download

The music is situational and not of chartbuster variety. ‘Ghamand Kar’ is the theme song of the film and is quite exhilarating. ‘Shankara Re Shankara’ comes at a great juncture. ‘Maay Bhavani’ is average while ‘Tinak Tinak’ is moving. Sandeep Shirodkar’s background score adds to the drama heavily.

Keiko Nakahara’s cinematography is of superior quality. Despite so much of action and fights happening, the camerawork ensures that all is captured well.. Sujeet Subhash Sawant and Sriram Kannan Iyengar’s production design is straight out of the bygone era. The sets are authentic and not needlessly grand, considering that the film focuses on the life of the Maratha soldiers and their houses can’t resemble palaces. But while depicting Aurangzeb’s residence, the designers have gone all out, rightfully so. Ramzan Bulut and R P Yadav’s action is a bit gory but is controlled and visually looks great. Vikram Gaikwad’s make-up is neat. Nachiket Barve and Mahesh Sherla’s costumes are realistic. NY VFXWaala’s VFX is splendid and there’s not a single moment where the effects look tacky. Also, the 3D is not done for the heck of it and it actually complements the narrative. Dharmendra Sharma’s editing is slick.

On the whole, TANHAJI: THE UNSUNG WARRIOR is an entertaining and a paisa-vasool film that would be loved by the masses as well as classes. At the box office, it can run riot in Maharashtra and other mass centres and could turn out to be the first Rs. 100 crore grosser of 2020. Highly Recommended!

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Tanhaji Audience Review

” Tanhaji : The Unsung Hero…… It is 1664, the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb has set Delhi as his capital and he wants to make the all important Kondhana fort ( Pune ) as his Deccan capital Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who has given a tough fight to Aurangzeb, but right now he has already given this fort to him by signing a treaty 4 years later, Shivaji wants to capture this fort back. Specially when he gets the news that Aurangzeb has sent Udaybhan Rathod to safeguard Kondhana fort Now his friend and his best warrior Tanhaji Malusare is the best guy for this job. Will he capture it back or will Udaybhan prove to be too strong for Tanhaji……watch this spectacularly made movie in all it’s grandeur and awesome 3D effects ( probably the best 3D effects film of Bollywood till date ) to know the climax Ajay Devgn……last year playing comedy in Total Dhamaal and an emotional role in De De Pyar De. Here he is back doing what he is the best at…..action👊🏻 His expressions, his body language, his dialogue delivery in confrontational scenes…..brilliant👌🏻👌🏻 This also happens to be 100th film of his career and also produced by him, great effort to pull out this mammoth project successfully👍🏻 Saif Ali Khan……if you want to see the real actor Saif, see his Omkara and this one…..excellent👏🏻👏🏻 A beast of a cruel guy here He doesn’t think twice to cut off elephant’s trunk He kills a high flying eagle with his sphere He eats crocodile’s meat Kills humans mercilessly Chops the enemy soldiers with his long sword like vegetables, using the bottom part of the sword also simultaneously with great effect That cunning laughter..😈…what awesome performance👍🏻 The director Om Raut……suddenly you enter the mainstream commercial cinema and come up with this marvellous work of art….aise kaise bhai….too good🎯 The narrative part is explained simply, which makes it easier for the viewers The dialogues are simple but effective The cinematography, the background music will get you excited with the moving I am sure on 3 scenes in particular Ajay Devgn’s entry Saif’s entry And first confrontation between the 2, the single screen cinema audiences must be full of sitis and cheering🥳🤟🏻 The first half is nice, immediately after intermission, for sometime the second half starts a bit dull…..but may be the director planned it that way…..going all out in the exhilarating last sequence👍🏻 Maratha soldiers entering the high rise Kondhana fort Hard hitting sword fights Arrows blowing The technique used for climbing the vertical wall with bamboo sticks was innovative Special attention given for the artwork done for the Maratha forts and different for the Mughal palace Sharad Kelkar as Shivaji Maharaj Luke Kenny as Aurangzeb Kajol as Savitribai ( Ajay’s wife ) Neha Sharma as Saif’s love interest Played their parts good enough Highly recommended for the presentation of the movie in particular👍🏻 ” Says Prajesh.

“When Ajay Devon announced Tanhajj: The Unsung Warrior some years back, I had my own set of expectations from this heroic tale of SubedarTaanaii Malusare. I had some visuals and template of the film’s storytelling in mind that speaks of heroism, bravery and sacrifice in the most realistic manner, which automatically seems larger-than-life due to the subtext running behind. And Om Raut delivers or rather, surpasses all the expectations in his epic period saga, which is more like a painting with a fresh brush different from the visuals we have seen in period films made here.He gets to the point right from the first scene, which sets the base of an emotional over-drive with drama and action that is to follow. Tanhajj should best be described as a film that resulted in birth of a new-genre in Hindi-Film Industry— A period thriller, as the film keeps you on the edge of the seat all throughout. AfaveDevop and Om Raut’s decision to proceed with a restrained run-time works *time as seldom does the narrative drag. Even the songs are well placed and there’s a story running in its backdrop thereby not hamperingthe pace. It’s amongthe technically sound period films made and the 3D effect indeed transports you to the world of Tanhajj. There’s action, then there is well choreographed action and then comes well written action and this film is an amalgamation of well-choreographed and well written action. It’s realistic, but the cause of action is so larger-than-life that it leads to heroic situations at regular interval. Without divulging into the details, the climax set piece is a MASTERPIECE in itself and will create euphoria like never before at cinema halls, particularly in Maharashtra. You cry, you cheer, you laugh and there arises a point where you will be forced to stand up and clap.
The dialogues however could have been a little better, particular in the first half. There are a couple of scenes that drag, but well, one can easily ignore these minute flaws as there arises a point when emotions takeover, and you are just invested in the film. Coming to performances, Ajay Devgn as Taanaii Malusare is a RIOT. His dialogue delivery gets the Goosebumps, the intensity in his eyes stands forfaith, and his action scenes denote heroism. It’s easily among one of the best performances among the 100 films of his career. And to say this for an actor of Ajay Devgn’s caliber is a big thing. Sail Ali Khan’s act is KILLER from the word go. He reinvents himself as an actor and this is easily his best performance till date. He is menacing and gets his trademark quirk to the character. Sharad Kelkar is retrained and his dignified silence speaks through mere expressions. He underplays to reflect the calm personality with perfection.
It’ sjust the first week of 2020 and I feel Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior will definitely remain one of the best films of the year. From drama to action, thrill and emotion— the film has everything to offer. The landmark film for Ajay Devgn (Read 100′” Film for Ajay Devon) is the landmark film of his careerthat will be remembered foryears to come. Go for it, and celebrate the bravery of epic Maratha warrior, Tanhaji Malusare and witness one of the best cinematic climaxes ever ” says Mayur.

Sarileru Neekevvaru is an action drama directed by Anil Ravipudi that has Mahesh Babu playing the lead role. The film has an ensemble cast featuring Rashmika Mandanna as the female lead, Prakash Raj as the antagonist, while Vijayashanti, Rao Ramesh, Rajendran Prasad and others play crucial supporting roles. The film is produced by Dil Raju, Anil Sunkara and Mahesh Babu himself under the banners Sri Venkateshwara Creations, AK Entertainments and G Mahesh Babu Entertainment respectively. Sarileru Neekevvaru full movie download

Sarileru Neekevvaru Cast

Mahesh Babu as Major Ajay Krishna
Rashmika Mandanna as Samskruthi
Vijayashanti as Bharati
Prakash Raj as MLA Nagendra
Rajendra Prasad as Prasad
Rao Ramesh
Posani Krishna Murali
Vennela Kishore as Assistant Kishore
Satya Dev as Ajay
Subbaraju as Crime Branch Koti
Murali Sharma
Raghu Babu as Teacher
Jayaprakash Reddy
Bandla Ganesh
Hari Teja


Sarileru Neekevvaru full movie download

Mahesh Babu plays the role of Major Ajay Krishna, who is an orphan serving the Indian Army in Kashmir. His colleague, also named Ajay, gets injured in a mission and he has to go to Kurnool to convey the news to Ajay’s mother Bharati (played by Vijayashanti). During the journey, he comes across Samskriti (Rashmika Mandanna) and also gets involved in a tussle with MLA Nagendra (played by a terrific Prakash Raj). How he manages to solve all these problems forms the rest of the story.

Sarileru Neekevvaru full movie download
Sarileru Neekevvaru full movie download

Sarileru Neekevvaru is not entirely a military movie. But, the Army backdrop has allowed director Anil Ravipudi to shoot a few scenes in the backdrop of picturesque Kashmir and dress up his protagonist in army fatigue. Mahesh looks fashionable in uniform, and that’s all the director wants. Because he knows very well that the star’s hardcore fans will work themselves into a frenzy when they see a uniformed Mahesh walking in slow motion.

The actual story is set in Kurnool in Rayalaseema region, which has been an inspiration for numerous violent Telugu films for decades now. Ajay’s squad member Ajay (Satyadev Kancharana) is gravely injured in the rescue operation, thanks to his recklessness. Ajay volunteers to be the bearer of the bad news for the kin of his colleague, who is fighting for his life. Ajay arrives in Kurnool which is ruled by politician-rowdy Nagendra (it is Prakash Raj, of course). He invites himself into the business of Nagendra, and thus the fireworks begin in the backdrop of Kondareddy Buruju.

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The cinematography by Rathnavelu serves its purpose and is above par, especially during Mahesh Babu’s introduction scene. On the whole, the film can be watched for Mahesh Babu’s outstanding performance. A few scenes will certainly give fans the goosebumps as the fans can enjoy the Mahesh Babu’s blast from the past.

Audience Review

“you can enjoy the movie with family Mahesh babu one man show, his comedy timing is excellent and his career best movie dsp🔥 bgm kummesadu anil ravipudi’s direction 🔥 ” – says Gowtham

“Excellent 👌 movie..full enjoyed pakka family ❤️ commercial entertainment.. I hope this movie gonna become industry hit… SANKRANTHI MOGUDU MASS MAHESH BABU ” – says Masthan

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A top cop is tasked with ending the drug menace in Mumbai, and to do this, he has to take on a most feared and ruthless mafia lord.The Story goes where an angry cop goes on a murderous rampage to take down a most-wanted criminal. Right in the opening scenes, the director establishes that his protagonist Aaditya Arunasalam (Rajinikanth), a top cop who has been deputed to Mumbai to tackle the drug menace in the city, isn’t someone who goes by the rule book. In fact, we see him threatening and roughing up the members of the Human Rights Commission who question him about his rule-breaking (The film tries to project Arunasalam as a mentally disturbed person to justify his extrajudicial killings). Darbar full movie download

In the course of one of his operations, Arunasalam nabs Ajay Malhotra (Prateik Babbar), the son of Vijay Malhotra (Nawab Shah), a top businessman, who happens to be the chief drug supplier in the city. But when Ajay is eliminated, Hari Chopra (Suniel Shetty), a dreaded gangster who turned the police force into a laughing stock 27 years earlier, returns to the country to settle what has become a personal score by targeting Arunasalam and his daughter Valli (Nivetha Thomas).

Darbar full movie download

The father and daughter scenes between Rajinikanth and Nivetha Thomas are picturised well. Nivetha Thomas fits in aptly as Rajinikanth’s daughter. There is a subtle romance between Rajinikanth and Nayanthara. There is a quiet dignity when a senior officer tells Arunachalam (Rajinikanth) that he is too old and should take premature retirement as it is impossible for him to continue in service. In the scene, it looks as though he is talking to his detractors – “Age is just a number and for me nothing is impossible!” (there was thunderous clapping in the theatre for this scene). There are many direct dialogues aimed at the fans in the film


Darbar Full movie Download
Darbar Full movie Download

In his films like Ramana, Thuppakki or Kaththi, the hero’s role was well-defined and the story was written in such a way that the audiences were sold on the idea of him taking on the corrupt system. Here it looks like it has been made for Bollywood audiences with an array of Hindi actors and Mumbai milieu. Suniel Shetty as the drug kingpin and main villain is underwhelming and lacks the menace needed. For a Rajinikanth film there are no political dialogues, though AR Murugadoss pokes fun at the media and Jayalalithaa’s aide Sasikala

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Darbar Cast

Rajinikanth as Aadhithya Arunachalam
Suniel Shetty as Hariharan Chopra
Nayanthara as Lily
Nivetha Thomas as Valli
Prateik Babbar as Ajay Chopra
Jatin Sarna as Police Inspector
Nawab Shah as Vijay Malhotra
Dalip Tahil as Chief Secretary

Audience Response

Murugdoss completely back ultimate screenplay and Normal story with new direction with Ultimate performance of every character a must watch pongal Movie🔥🔥🔥 – Nikhil

1st half amazing 2nd half mind blowing overall tremendous Dont miss it in theaters Must watch film for a fan of Rajni 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 story 3/5 screenplay 4/5 Direction 4/5 Rajni acting 5/5 fights 4/5 climax sequence 4/5 out and out entertainer for mass fans perfect pongal film – Rahul.

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The movie revolves around the story of the treasure, the movie begins with five members of a drama troupe trying to run away with treasure in a lorry are stopped by the dacoits and their leader Rama Rama. After killing the artists, the dacoits serach the lorry but are unable to find the treasure. The angered Rama Rama vows to find the treasure and kill all the other members of the drama troupe.The feudal lord of Amaravathi (Rama Rama) refuses to announce his successor despite being in death bed, leaving his son Jayarama in anger. Soon after, the lord dies but only after taking a promise from Jayarama that he won’t kill his step-brother Tukarama. Fifteen years later, quirky cop Narayana (Rakshit Shetty) and constable Achyutanna (Achyut Kumar) enter the scene. The members of the drama troupe who goes hiding after the killing of thier artists 15 years ago will be waiting to put up their last show and get out of Amaravati alive. Meanwhile, the two brothers Jayaram and Tukaram are convinced that each of them is getting closer to the treasure. Narayana comes as a beacon of hope to all of them. But he has his own agenda. HandsUp marked as one of the best intro scene and song in Telugu cinema this year. The whole scene is wonderfully set up. ASN, like Ulidavaru Kandante, is also inspired from a few Quentin Tarantino movies. But the way the fantasy tale unfurls is sure to keep audiences glued to the screen. Athade Srimannarayana full movie download.

Athade Srimannarayana full movie

The film took three years to show the visual treat is highly justified in each frame of the movie. The director and the team has taken care of minutest things like the guns, costumes for dacoits and cowboys, the fictional town, mammoth sets the effort behind each of these is apparent on the big screen. Blending mythology with fiction itself is a challenge and the team has done a fab job. But while we do get the Rama-Ravana connection, it is hard to digest the Narayana-Ravana connection.

athade srimannarayana full movie
Athade srimannarayana full movie

Athade Srimannarayana scores with its performances, with five primary cast members – Rakshit Shetty, Balaji Manohar, Achyuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty and Shanvi Srivastava – leading the pack. The cinematography, sets and background score elevate the tale. Where the film falters is in the narrative, as it tends to become a little too self-indulgent at times. Maybe the story could have been a little shorter to ensure a better impact of the experience. Athade Srimannarayana is a treat for fans of not just Rakshit Shetty, but those who like cinema to be a wholesome intelligent exercise. There are a lot of guns blazing and a maverick protagonist ready to welcome those who opt to watch the film.

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Athade Srimannarayana Review

” 7 ODDs Story is pure class they narrated it so well hatsoff to Sachin direction 🤘🏻all the characters selected by director is perfectly suited, if u didn’t understand the climax or story please do watch again and again otherwise leave it, its not ur type of movie but don’t comment on movie. not even a single mistake in story narration, treasure movies have to be watched like a treasure hunter every Dailogue, character, lyrics has its own meaning, usually while watching other movies I’ll keep on checking time and guessing ok now time for interval now it will be pre climax now it’s gonna end like that but for this movie not even a single time I saw my watch it was hooked me to the screen throughout the movie not even in interval I was still in pre interval mood, I didn’t felt the lag anywhere even if it’s 30mins extended It cloud be easily watchable u won’t feel it like 3hr 6mins its fully engaging and pace👌🏻👌🏻❤️ Rakshit Shetty👑❤️ actually don’t have words explain u just rocked the whole show from starting to ending ur comic, expression, acting, action, as a writer, editor, helping in directing, song selection in every department he was excellent, he carried the whole movie with an ease and that attitude was the best assets of Rakshit sir🤘🏻🔥 Ajju BGM is awesome especially grameenphone record that’s the soul of the movie that’s haunting me from yesterday and jayarama’s entry bgm was heavy 🔥 in many situations bgm elevated the scenes to next level, Charanraj and Ajju both given extraordinary songs especially I liked the Nataka song the speed in the song choreography lyrics all came out well❤️ Shanvi acting ultimate mainly in that transformation scene during pre interval was bang on I was expecting thats gonna happen but the way she delivered her Dailogue with simple expression gave me chills👌🏻 Jayarama villanism was mind blowing the walking style and dialogue delivery superb👌🏻 and Thukarama shows both comic and villanism brilliantly 👌🏻🔥 Achyuthanna comic timing is just brilliant not even in single scene he will bore u, felt like he will be sitting beside u and tickling throughout the movie😂 Rama Rama I liked is dialogue with base voice so much in starting I was expecting to see him in more scenes🔥👍🏻 karamchawla camera work is just lit🔥 in many scenes especially in bar scenes during the action and those sun rays the lightings in fort scenes were awesome ❤️ “- Ganesh

“what a movie doesn’t look like 23 crore movie rather it look like 100 crore movie.what a cinematography,what a background score and what an acting.just super don’t miss it guys…one more Masterpiece from KFI” – Pavan

In this timely and fearless personal documentary, director Ofra Bloch engages with the people she was raised to hate and dismiss. Seen as a victim in one context and a perpetrator in the next, the film points towards a future – an “afterward” – that attempts to live with the truths of history in order to make sense of the present.

What is supposed to be an educational and collaborative weekend professional development session for the English Department of Prescott High School instead turns into a blood soaked nightmare when a masked killer targets them.

The film is conceived as a video game where every link in society, from the highest to the lowest has its role in creating the perfect vision of fraud, not knowing who cheats, and who is deceived.

The movie revolves around the story of the treasure, the movie begins with five members of a drama troupe trying to run away with treasure in a lorry are stopped by the dacoits and their leader Rama Rama. After killing the artists, the dacoits serach the lorry but are unable to find the treasure. The angered Rama Rama vows to find the treasure and kill all the other members of the drama troupe.The feudal lord of Amaravathi (Rama Rama) refuses to announce his successor despite being in death bed, leaving his son Jayarama in anger. Soon after, the lord dies but only after taking a promise from Jayarama that he won’t kill his step-brother Tukarama. Fifteen years later, quirky cop Narayana (Rakshit Shetty) and constable Achyutanna (Achyut Kumar) enter the scene. The members of the drama troupe who goes hiding after the killing of thier artists 15 years ago will be waiting to put up their last show and get out of Amaravati alive. Meanwhile, the two brothers Jayaram and Tukaram are convinced that each of them is getting closer to the treasure. Narayana comes as a beacon of hope to all of them. But he has his own agenda.HandsUp marked as one of the best intro scene and song in Kannada cinema this year. The whole scene is wonderfully set up. ASN, like Ulidavaru Kandante, is also inspired from a few Quentin Tarantino movies. But the way the fantasy tale unfurls is sure to keep audiences glued to the screen. Avane Srimannarayana full movie download.

Avane Srimannarayana full movie

The film took three years to show the visual treat is highly justified in each frame of the movie. The director and the team has taken care of minutest things like the guns, costumes for dacoits and cowboys, the fictional town, mammoth sets the effort behind each of these is apparent on the big screen. Blending mythology with fiction itself is a challenge and the team has done a fab job. But while we do get the Rama-Ravana connection, it is hard to digest the Narayana-Ravana connection.

avane srimannarayana full movie
        Avane srimannarayana full movie

Avane Srimannarayana scores with its performances, with five primary cast members – Rakshit Shetty, Balaji Manohar, Achyuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty and Shanvi Srivastava – leading the pack. The cinematography, sets and background score elevate the tale. Where the film falters is in the narrative, as it tends to become a little too self-indulgent at times. Maybe the story could have been a little shorter to ensure a better impact of the experience. Avane Srimannarayana is a treat for fans of not just Rakshit Shetty, but those who like cinema to be a wholesome intelligent exercise. There are a lot of guns blazing and a maverick protagonist ready to welcome those who opt to watch the film.

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Avane Srimannarayana Review

“I watched movie first day first show and here is my review. Good story based on treasure hunt as shown in trailer already , You will be there in their world till movie get finished. Superb background music by Ajaneesh in some scenes it will give goosebumps. Two songs are good to watch and listen where in other two are good to watch. Screenplay and camera work is really worth to watch. Balaji as village has shown his complete talent and you will start comparing with KGF-2 Adhira character. Last but not the least .. The real man Rakshit shetty’s acting,comedy timing, Humour and fight sequences are simpy superb and he has just nailed it. Overall : Its must watch movie for Kannada movie lovers as it got all the elements so don’t wait for other’s review just go and watch it”. – Nivedita

“Rakshith shetty has once again proved why he is just not an actor but also a talented technician. This kind of genre was never shot before. Rib tickling humor, brilliant song compositions and picturization adds to the upliftment of the movie to next level. BGM takes the movie to a different mood. Movie should have been cut short by 20 minutes, but it can be ignored. It is definitely a winner”. -Vikas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . and to celebrate, we are putting the stars of our Christmas movies to the test with holiday-inspired challenges to determine who will be the king or queen of Lifetime Christmas as chosen by the experts . . . our fans! Our stars will compete against their fellow cast mates in DIY challenges, from gift wrapping a co-star to decorating an ugly Christmas sweater. We will determine which of our stars has the most holiday spirit, all while recapping all the highlights of the movies that have aired on Lifetime throughout the holiday season. Let the reindeer games begin!

Prathi Poovankozhi Story

We are living in a time when showing sensitivity to women’s issues and respecting sexual boundaries are mandatory. Prathi Poovankozhi seems to captivated by this trending issue, but is a case of missing the woods for the trees.Manju Warrier plays Madhuri, a woman so infuriated by an assault on her in a bus, that she feels compelled to hit back. But Antappan, played astoundingly well by director Rosshan Andrrews, is a marketplace rowdy who is not to be messed with. Madhuri witnesses first hand how merciless he can be, but that doesn’t deter her and she sets out on a search for him over the next few days, unmindful of the severe financial crisis in her house and willing to compromise her job as a textile shop sales girl. There must hardly be a girl or woman who hasn’t faced one of these sexual assaults in public; sometimes you literally or verbally hit back, sometimes you seethe and cringe in the memory of that horrible touch. But it is unlikely that you put your life on hold because of it.Without wanting to say so, we are having to say, men don’t really get it. Unni R’s script is surprisingly flimsy. The characters played by Anusree and Grace Antony are confused and not fleshed out. Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download

Prathi Poovankozhi full cast

Manju Warrier as Madhuri
Anusree as Rosamma/ Madhuri’s friend
Rosshan Andrrews as Antony “Antappan” Joseph
Saiju Kurup as Sub Inspector Sreenath K.
Grace Antony as Sheeba
Alencier Ley Lopez as Gopi
S. P. Sreekumar
Divya Prabha as Antappan’s wife
Sasi Kala
Sekhar Menon as Happymon, Rosamma’s fiancée
Chali Pala as Madhuri’s employer
Boban Alummoodan as Madhuri’s suitor

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Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download

Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download
Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download

Prathi poovankozhi, directed by Roshan Andrews is an adaptation of a story (Sankadam)written by Unni . R . Roshan took the courage to play the antagonist too in this movie being dissatisfied of having just the director’s title to himself, but that was a great decision and I will talk about it later. Manju is Madhuri , the protagonist is a saleswoman at a textile store in the town to where she takes bus everyday. Before I step in to the details, let me draw an outline for you. This movie is based on something that happens every day in this country, even I have heard of this from different people…but today when I saw that in this movie, a terrific scene which happens on a bus, it was gross and gut wrenching. The movie is Madhuri’s journey of vengeance. She goes a long way and finally erupts like a volcano in the middle of the road which is another beautiful scene of this film. It is a very simple and stunning movie efficiently shouldered by Roshan and Manju. Madhuri is a young woman who is self made. Her father killed himself leaving behind nothing but debts and a widow and that make Madhuri’s world. She deals with so many things but simultaneously handles a job, friends and time with her mother. When she goes through something disgusting committed by Antappan played brilliantly by Roshan, her entire world collapses and she decides to take revenge. You may think she goes a little too long for that but when you ask yourself that will you just let go if someone horribly disrespects your dignity? then you may understand Madhuri better. Manju is superb as Madhuri. She keeps it sincere and real and does a brilliant job as a vulnerable young woman. She isn’t a super woman here but a vulnerable, scared and hurt woman who gains courage because it’s the matter of her dignity and her body. And it’s shocking when everyone around her finds it normal as they say ” it always happens to everyone “. Roshan turns out to be a good actor. He is creepy, scary and disgusting. He hardly has dialogues even though he would irritate you every time he comes to the screen. I loved his performance. Anusree is Rosamma , a colleague with whom Madhuri shares a warm friendship. Anusree gives a few nice laughs and she is perfect for this character. Other characters just come and go without making much of an impact and even they aren’t that important. Two downsides of this movie are Unni’s script. There are dialogues which suit only in a novel not in a movie. There are a few characters who deliver such dialogues and you would find it so dramatic. The bank manager is one of them. Gopi Sundar’s background music annoyed me at times. It could have been more softer and effective rather than just being noisy. Apart from that, I had a nice time watching this movie. Manju and Roshan are the stars

Prathi Poovankozhi Audience review

“Excellent performance from all performers that worked on screen and behind screen.. And all the credits for Roshan andrews to executive the great film and picked the bests form best performers”- saritha

“There are moments when you feel connected to the protagonist, as expected, well played by Manju Warrier. It is fair to say that Anusree & Roshan Andrews do justice to their roles. The direction of the movie is at the most average though. Running time being not that long helps in sitting through the movie” – Sharon

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Driving Licence Movie story

Superstar Hareendran is well known for his driving skills and craze for cars. Kuruvila Joseph, a motor vehicle inspector, is a die-hard fan of Hareendran. For his latest film, Hareendran needs to submit his driving license but discovers that it is missing. He approaches Kuruvilla for help, but the fan and the superstar get entangled in a fight of their own. Having lost his driving license, superstar Hareendran needs a new one issued ASAP. But coming down from his privileged high-horse would prove to be difficult even though the vehicle inspector Kuruvila is his die-hard fan.Driving Licence Full movie download

Driving Licence Movie cast

Prithviraj Sukumaran as Hareendran
Suraj Venjarammoodu as MVI Kuruvila Joseph
Miya George as Elsa, Kuruvila’s wife
Deepti Sati as Bhama, Hareendran’s wife
Adhish Praveen as Jinto, Kuruvila’s son
Nandhu as Kunjali, Hareendran’s driver
Saiju Kurup as Johny Peringodan
Suresh Krishna as Bhadran, an actor
Lalu Alex as Jagannatha Varma
Vijayaraghavan as Himself (Guest Role)
Idavela Babu as Himself (Guest Role)
Innocent as Himself (Voice Presence)

Driving Licence Full movie download

Hareendran (Prithviraj) an automobile-crazy superstar who is in dire need of his licence copy after he loses his original. As he needs to receive approval from Kuruvilla (Suraj), an honest road safety inspector and an ardent fan of the star. What happens is a battle of wits between Hareendran and Kuruvilla after the former gets into a humiliating moment at Kuruvilla’s office. Despite a quirky premise, the makers present it in a more believable and plausible way. The script is packed with subtler details that doesn’t make you question the plot.

The plot humanises its protagonists by showing their vulnerable sides- Hareendran couldn’t spare a moment for his ailing wife as he receives undue pressure from his producers while Kuruvilla is desperate to prove to his child that his father can stand up to anyone, irrespective of their magnitude. Driving Licence presents media trial in an emotionally engrossing way, thus resulting in a satisfying resolution.

Driving Licence full movie download
 Driving Licence full movie download

Driving Licence works mainly due to the nuanced performances. Prithviraj portrays the wider shades of a superstar with poise while Suraj Venjaramoodu equally portrays the delicate and sly nature of Kuruvilla. The cast’s ensemble acting wonderfully uplifts the film. Alex J. Pulickal’s camera captures the glare with well-lit sequences, especially during the scene where Hareendran takes an oral examination to obtain his learner’s licence. The only issue is that the pre-climactic portion could’ve avoided the melodrama, which sticks out in an otherwise restrained film. With a mix of humour and engrossing drama, Driving Licence makes a pleasant watch.

Throughout the movie, Prithviraj as Hareendran seems like himself in television interviews, minus the causal and genial candor one sees in his demeanor. Suraj Venjarammood is an actor unto himself. It truly has been a good year for him and as Kuruvila, the star’s ardent admirer in a dignified job, he keeps his stars shining. Saiju Kurup is a spot-on laughter initiator. Though his crafty politician is a cliche the actor makes it hilarious. MiYa’s performance is also especially laudable. She adorably brings in the craftiness of a less educated homemaker who is pleased and annoyed with the little things in life.

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Salim Kumar plays a character quite similar to the one he played in CID Moosa. His character is both trivial, and yet critical at the same time. Time and again, Driving License tries to poke fun at many aspects of the society, much of it is commendable. The digs at media and the film industry are rib-tickling and at times amusingly self depreciating. But it all falls flat eventually.

Driving Licence Audience review

“Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer” says Jomy

“The movie is a good entertainer and a much better one compared to other recent Lal Jr. movies. Suraj’s performance is exceptional and so is Mia’s. The comedy section completely, is handled by Saiju and Suresh Krishna, who did an amazing job. The movie is definitely another hit for Prithviraj, as families will be enjoying the movie a lot. The movie is a simple movie, that we won’t even bother about the lack of strength in the screenplay, which is overshadowed by a good character build. The movie is definitely worth a watch.” says Azwn


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Broken Dreams is a 2019 Polish documentary film directed by Tomasz Magierski that tells the story of Renia and Ariana Spiegel, sisters who experienced the Holocaust as children in Poland. The film was prompted by the 2012 discovery of Renia Spiegel’s diary, which she kept from 1939 until her death at the age of 18 in 1942. Broken Dreams premiered on May 2, 2019 at the United Nations in New York, and on September 18, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland. Broken Dreams full movie download here

Broken Dreams Story

The compelling story of two Jewish teenage sisters struggling to survive the Holocaust in Nazi occupied Poland. They are both talented: Ariana Elizabeth Bellak (born Ariana Spiegel), a child prodigy, performs on stage in Warsaw shortly before the war. She sings, plays piano, and recites poems. She also appears in several feature films by famous Polish directors and is commonly referred to as the “Polish Shirley Temple”. She is nine years old when the war starts. Renia is more introverted, romantic and sensitive. She is a gifted poet who keeps a diary spanning the years 1939 to 1942. Ariana, who currently lives in New York, narrates her story on screen. Her narration intertwines with text from Renia’s diary recited by Aleksandra Bernatek, an actress from their home town of Przemysl.

Broken Dreams full movie download
      Broken Dreams full movie download

Broken Dreams full movie download

The documentary revolves around the diary of Renia Spiegel, who spent the early years of World War II in the Polish city of Przemyśl, along with her sister, Ariana Spiegel (now Elizabeth Bellak). Ariana was a child film star in Poland, while Renia was more reserved, a typical Polish youth. In her diary, Spiegel writes about everyday teenage life, as well as the growing war, eventually covering her imprisonment in the Przemyśl ghetto. After escaping the ghetto, Spiegel was killed at the age of 18 by Nazi police when her hiding place was discovered. Spiegel’s diary was preserved by her boyfriend, Zygmunt Schwarzer, who eventually brought it to Spiegel’s mother and sister in New York after the war. The diary remained unread until 2012, when Elizabeth Bellak’s daughter had it translated to English, leading to its publication in 2019 and the creation of Broken Dreams.

Please Download Invasion Planet Earth here

Broken Dreams tells the story of the Spiegel sisters through interviews with Bellak and readings of Renia’s diary by Polish actress Aleksandra Bernatek. In addition to telling Renia’s story, the documentary also spends substantial time telling Bellak’s story of being a child actress





Dabangg 3 is an upcoming  Bollywood  movie directed by Prabhu Deva, and produced by Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan under the banners of Salman Khan Films and Arbaaz Khan Productions. Dabangg 3 is a sequel to the 2012 film Dabangg 2 and the third part of Dabangg film series. The screenplay of the film is written by Salman Khan himself, Prabhu Deva and Alok Upadhyaye. Dabangg 3 movie download

Dabangg 3 Cast

Salman Khan
Sonakshi Sinha
Saiee Manjrekar
Arbaaz Khan
Amole Gupte
Mahie Gill
Tinnu Anand
Nikitin Dheer
Pramod Khanna
Pankaj Tripathi
Nawab Shah
Sarfaraz Khan
Abhilash Chaudhary
Milind Gunaji
Resh Lamba
Santosh Shukla
Mahesh Manjrekar
Girish Kumar
Prabhu Deva
Warina Hussain
Tunisha Sharma
Preity Zinta
Dolly Bindra

Dabangg 3 Movie Songs

1) Hud Hud
Sajid Khan, Divya Kumar, Shabab Sabri
2) Naina Lade
Javed Ali
3) Yu Karke
Salman Khan, Payal Dev
4) Munna Badnaam Hua
Badshah, Mamta Sharma, Kamaal Khan
5) Awara
Salman Ali, Muskaan
6)Habibi Ke Nain
Shreya Ghoshal, Jubin Nautiyal


Dabangg 3 Movie Download

Dabangg 3 full movie downloadDabangg 3  movie download

Dabangg 3 is going to be released on 20 December 2019, you need to wait for Dabangg 3

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On an archaeological dig in Iraq, author Agatha Christie uncovers a series of murders.It has been two years since the sensation caused by her eleven-day disappearance and Agatha is contemplating giving up detective novels to pursue a serious literary career. Seeking escape and inspiration, she travels to Baghdad on an archaeological tour. What she finds is turmoil: the world’s biggest oil field has just been discovered and Iraq’s ancient treasures are under threat. Agatha also finds a charming, naive young archaeologist, Max, who needs her help as a series of murders unfold in the faded grandeur of the villa where they are staying. Has Agatha met her match? Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar full movie download

Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar full movie download
Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar full movie download

The present sees Agatha journey to Iraq for an architectural dig as she seems to flee the dangerous reminiscences of her divorce. Whereas there, she finds herself not solely untangling a collection of murders but additionally assembly a good-looking and charming stranger who, regardless of a 14 yr age hole, is determined to win her affections.


Lyndsey Marshal. as Agatha Christie.

Jonah Hauer-King. as Max Mallowan.
Stanley Townsend. as Sir Constance.
Katherine Kingsley. as Katharine Woolley.
Jack Deam. as Leonard Woolley.
Waj Ali. as Ezekiel.
Rory Fleck Byrne. as Marmaduke / Lord Ponsonby.
Bronagh Waugh. as Lucy.

Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar full movie download

Young writer Agatha Christie, bruised from her divorce and struggling with fame and success, travels to Baghdad, only to be caught in a web of murder and intrigue. She finds herself mired in the decadent core of the ex-pat community, where rival archaeologists, spoiled funders, bored partners, the downtrodden support staff and the upper-class all co-exist in a hotbed of rumour, feud and scandal. Lyndsey Marshal stars in an alternative history period drama, set in the winter of 1928.

Agatha Christmas, more like. The Queen of Crime isn’t far behind Dickens as the most festive of authors. Despite only rarely using seasonal settings in her stories, “A Christie for Christmas” was the name given to her tradition of publishing a new novel each December for much of her career. Screen versions have also become synonymous with the holiday period, ideally suited to family viewing with a tin of Quality Street passed from lap to lap.

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Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar (Channel 5) wasn’t an adaptation of one of her books – which frankly would have been preferable – but found Christie herself as the protagonist of a fresh feature-length mystery.

After the death of his young daughter, Thomas Dunn is a man who has lost his faith. His life has crumbled and his confidence is shattered. Yet, on this day he wakes to discover that Mandy, his loving wife is finally pregnant again. Maybe this is their chance to move away from the tragedy of the past and for him to find his faith again. But also on this day a large alien mother-ship appears in the heavens and the people of earth are suddenly plagued with visions about the end of civilization. Tom and Mandy are split up as the mother-ship launches a massive alien fleet which attack the towns and cities of earth. Tom must look deep within himself to find not just his faith but the wisdom and strength to save the human race from the horrors that threaten them. However, first he must find Mandy, as he discovers that their new baby holds the key to the future of mankind. The battle lines are drawn and the final stance for Earth is about to begin.Invasion Planet Earth full movie download here.

Invasion Planet Earth full movie download
Invasion Planet Earth full movie download

Simon Cox (Driven) writes and directs this sci-fi labour of love. Two decades in the making, on a shoestring budget, Invasion Planet Earth invites us into a world ambitiously envisioned, but disappointingly realized. Things aren’t going well for our hero Tom Dunn (Simon Haycock). He’s struggling to cope with the devastating loss of his baby daughter. After a few years of despair, Mandy (Lucy Drive) – his doting wife – has some good news: she’s pregnant. Tom can’t stay happy for long, though. A harrowing day at his work in a care center is preceded by a startling vision, shared by three of his patients, and followed by an alien invasion. It places the child he just found out he was going to have at mortal risk, as well as the wider human race.

Invasion Planet Earth full movie download

Tom is abducted by the aliens along with his three patients, who all suffer from mental health issues. The four must work together to help planet Earth, as well as themselves, as they make a journey on the aliens’ spacecraft, while simultaneously working through their varying problems. It’s a plot that initially piques the interest, but its conceit labours and wears thin. Cox had the idea to make the film way back in 1999, finishing a first draft of the script in 2003. In the intervening years between that draft and the end of production, sci-fi has experienced something of a renaissance, sabotaging the novelty of Cox’s 1999 concept. It doesn’t help that the CGI is ostensibly managed by someone sent forward in time from the 90s, making for some inexplicably messy action scenes.

Invasion Planet Earth is a film that’ll most likely best be remembered in posterity for the near-two-decade-long toil to make it, rather than product at the end of that epic struggle.

During 18th century India, the Marathas emerged as the most powerful empire in the nation until the Afghan King Ahmad Shah Abdali plans to take over India. Sadashiv Rao Bhau is brought in to save the empire from the king which then leads to the third battle of Panipat.

90 ML Movie Story

90 ML is an upcoming Telugu Romantic Drama, which is acted by Karthikeya in the lead role. The 90 ML movie revolve around the hero whose name is Devadas, who is wellknown drinker and cant stay without alcohol and he always drinks the 90ml of alcohol that too three times a day. 90 ml  movie download

90 ML Movie Download

One day the hero see and immediately falls in love with  Suvasana, who happens to be physiotherapist and whose family would never approve of alcoholism. The actual story starts on how Devadas impresses Suvasana and how suvasana convinces her family and how Devadas wins the family of Suvasana and will the family of suvasana accepts the drinker like Devadas .

90 ML Movie Cast

     90 Ml  Kartikeya
   90 Ml Neha Solanki
Neha Solanki
                                90 Ml                                                 Ajay                                   
  90 Ml Pragathy    
    90 Ml Satya Prakash     
Satya Prakash
  90 Ml Rao Ramesh
Rao Ramesh

       90 ML movie Review

Book my show Review

Kartikeya Gummakonda is at his element and has given an entertaining performance as a guy trapped between love and addiction. There is ease in his act and he has matured as a wonderful dancer at the early stage of his career. One can also notice a considerable improvement in his comedy timing while comparing his performance in his earlier films. Neha Solanki makes a decent debut as the love interest. Sudarshan, Adhurs Raghu, Roll Rida and Praveen have floored the audience with their comic act and Ravi Kishan’s hilarious villainy adds more entertainment.

Shekhar Reddy makes a decent debut as a director and his writing is fresh. Anup Rubens‘ music and background score hit the right chord. Cinematography by J. Yuvaraj is neat and the production values are decent.

Audience Review

“90 ML has decent production values and beautiful picturisation, selection of exotic locales, songs, background score, dialogues, the choreography of action and dance sequences are the attractions on the technical front of the movie, added the viewers” – (5/5 )chiranjeevi

“Nice movie karthikaya acting super best movie after RX100 and herione was good other casting is good . Nice concept the story was good screen play was good but bgm and title song was abousltely out standing goosebumps bgm by music director nice movie go and watch movie in your near theatre” –  (4.5/5) Pavan

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Mamangam is a true story of of  brave warrior of Malabar by name Mamangam and his loyal set of soldiers who did everything of him.This famous role of Mamangam is played by Malayam Superstar Mamooty. The story reveals on the event Mamangam which was celebrated every 12 years between 800 AD and 1755 AD.



Mamankam was fair held every on the bank of river Perar at Tirunavaya in Kerala the fair was held every 12 years between 800 AD and 1755 AD which was associated with Nava Mukunda Temple of Tirunavaya


Audience feedback of Mamangam

“I watched this film yesterday along with my family .If you look at the film it depicts a historical tale that dates back to the 17th century. Mamooka and all the other actors have done justice to their roles and the script is good and nothing to blame. There is strong acting, emotions and good songs Now the picture might look a little less interesting for teens and single people . It stays well connected with the emotions of a mother and child.

Overall a good family movie . We have seen lots of disaster movies way bad than Mamangam so I don’t understand the reasons as to why some people have such a bad review below and also theater responses . Kudos to the director and all supporting artists. The child actor is brilliant”  – says Vishal who gives 4 star for the movie

“Mamangam is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. It can’t be equated to the megastar’s magnum opus Pazhassi Raja (2009) or even his classic Vadakkan Veeragatha which was released thirty years ago. The director goes for grounded storytelling and the script is shallow and lacks punch lines or even dialogues that can be remebered for long.

The star cast, notably Mammootty, the ever flexible Unni Mukundan, the commendable kid Achuthan, Siddique, Prachi Tehlan and Manikantan Achari give impressive portrayals, but on the other hand talented artists including Kaniha, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Anu Sithara, Valsala Menon.etc weren’t given the space to get noticed. While the set design and art direction truly deserves a standing ovation, the cinematography is in fact not glossy enough and fails to explore the huge canvas. And the most disappointing aspect of this movie is the editing part. The cuts were so mediocre which tampered with the commendable action choreography.

Given that he is 68 and maintains his body very well even now, Mammootty gives his best for the character. He is careful enough to not ham it up when the character turns effeminate. The best performance comes from Unni Mukundan and young Achuthan. The film picks up speed in the second half. With its script turning out to be the biggest villain, Mamangam tries to convey a message which has to be noted.” says Pranav who gives 3 star.



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