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Koshy, a retired havildar (Prithviraj) and Ayyappan Nair (Biju Menon) is a middle-aged policeman on the verge of retirement who is due to get a medal, one night Ayyappan Nair apprehends koshy for transporting bottles of booze in ‘dry’ territory  in Attappadi just 5 days before  Christmas. Before going to jail, Koshy tells Ayyappan Nair that he will get back at him the moment he gets bail, the ego and war of wordsand and thoughts more than one fought with weapons. Ayyappanum Koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum cast

Prithviraj as Havildar Koshy Kurien

Biju Menon as Ayyappan Nair / Mundoor Madan

Ranjith as Kurien John (Koshy Kurien’s Father)

Gowri Nandha as Kannamma (Ayyappan Nair Wife)

Anna Rajan as Ruby Koshy Kurien

Sabumon Abdusamad as Kuttamani

Dhanya Ananya as Jessy

Aji John as Ummen

Nandu Anand as Joby

Anu Mohan

Anil Nedumangad as C.I Satheesh

Shaju Sreedhar

Ramesh Kottayam as driver Kumaran/Kumarettan

Saleesh N Sankaran as Dy SP Cheriyan George

Alencier Ley Lopez as Cameo Appearance

Johny Antony as Cameo Appearance

ayyappanum koshiyum ull movie download
Ayyappanum koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum Songs

Ariyathariyathe sung by Kottakkal Madhu

Thalam Poyi sung by Jakes Bejoy, Sangeetha & Nanchamma

Kalakkatha sung by Nanchamma

Adakachakko sung by Prithviraj Sukumaran & Biju Menon

ayyappanum koshiyum ull movie download
Ayyappanum koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum full movie download

Koshy is a retired havildar who is enroute to Ooty from his native Kattappana with bottles of liquor via Attappadi, which is a non-liquor zone. Ayyappan Nair’s subordinates arrest him and the chaos begins.The arrest bruises the ego of Koshy, who is the son of Kurian John (Ranjith), a typical toxic masculine Achayan from the high range. After having promised his wife and daughters that he would return home for Christmas, Koshy is now being jailed without bail for nearly two weeks. The moment he gets bail, Koshy begins working towards revenge. How things take a turn when his deeds question the clear service records of Ayyappan Nair, who was supposed to bag the police medal from the chief minister, make the gist of the film. This is basically a major ego clash between Ayyappan and Koshy, which is fuelled by Kannamma (Gowri Nanda), Ayyappan Nair’s wife, and Kurian. If Ayyappan fight is for existence, the Kurian father-son do it out of a pride and arrogance. And the director manages to hold the audience in that compelling mood from start to finish.

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However, this is not just about the egos of Koshy or Ayyappan, but also that of Koshy’s father, Kurian (Ranjith). Kurian is an old man bursting with excessive pride and trying to relive his glory days by intervening in Koshy’s matters, much to the latter’s chagrin. Here is a son caught between settling matters on his own and trying to appease his father. And being the loose cannon that he is, Ayyappan doesn’t waste any opportunity to give Koshy a taste of havoc he can create. Things reach a point where Koshy has to be protected from Ayyappan.

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Ayyappanum Koshiyum is essentially a masterclass by Sachy on how to make a three-hour film by relying mostly on dialogues, which carry enough power to not just reverberate through the walls of the movie hall but also each cell and nerve in your body. With a script like this, one doesn’t need bullets or pyrotechnics to excite the audience. Sachy does that with his characters, a rare skill that not many filmmakers possess today.

ayyappanum koshiyum ull movie download
Ayyappanum koshiyum full movie download

Ayyappanum Koshiyum – Audience Review

“Ayyapanum koshiyum is a sureshot blockbuster of 2020. The reason behind FDFS is Sachy. As a brilliant script writer he always inspires us and his scripts always offer a minimum guarantee about the film. Now once again as a director he surprises us with his favourite team like Prithviraj & Biju Menon. Brilliant Film with perfect casting and an amazing director with his own script to convey the message at it’s best. Cinematography department really deserves appreciation for the amazing shots in Attapadi. Movie clearly delivers the culture and believes of Attapadi with perfect cast and locations.” – Giby

“A well written script with some striking oneliners supported by a stellar cast and crew. Prithvi scores the first half and Biju menon hit high on second half.Their on screen chemistry just made the movie entertaining this time as rivals. Biju menon again shows that when he is portarying a rough character nobody can outshine him he simply outperform everyone including prithvi .But prithvi balance it with his impeccable screen presence. The place is simply awesome and bgm set the right tone. Sachy is again proved his craftmanship.Editor could have reduce the runtime but still its not strechy or boring because of the intensity set by Biju menon and the perfection of prithvi. Its a blockbuster for sure “ – Vishnu


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