Inspired by the story of real-life acid attack crusader Laxmi Agarwal, Meghna Gulzar’s latest release, Chhapaak majorly revolves around the aftermath of this brutal hate crime. The director sensitively handles this subject and makes us empathize with acid-attack survivors. She chooses to make the film a journey about grit and hope instead of reducing it to a sob story. Chhapaak full movie download

Chhapaak Cast

Deepika Padukone as Malti
Vikrant Massey as Amol
Madhurjeet Sarghi as Archana Bajaj
Anand Tiwari as Bajaj’s husband
Vaibhavi Upadhyaya as Minakshi
Payal Nair as Shiraz
Vishal Dahiya as Basheer Shaikh, the acid attacker
Ankit Bisht as Rajesh
Geeta Agarwal
Manohar Teli
Sharvari Deshpande
Delzad Hivale

Chhapaak full movie download

Meghna Gulzar’s ‘Chhapaak’ is inspired by the story of real life acid attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal, who has become a symbol of strength and inspiration for many women. The film is a fictionalized account with Deepika Padukone playing the central character Malti, who is attacked in broad daylight on the streets of Delhi by a friend of the family, Bashir Khan aka Babbu and his aide.

Chhapaak full movie download
Chhapaak full movie download

As the narrative chooses a non-linear route, we first meet Malti when she is on a job hunt – consciously trying to move on from the emotional scars that the heinous crime has left her with. For the physical scars, she has to go through a number of complicated surgeries. In fact, far from the dreams she nursed of being a singer, her life is now an intersection of her work with an NGO for acid victims, her multiple surgeries and her court cases. Yet, the film steers away from melodrama or manipulation, and instead gives us a powerful protagonist whose resolve to fight is punctuated with her determined smiles, the pain in her eyes and her indomitable spirit.

As support from her family dwindles owing to her brother’s illness and father’s death, it is Malti’s lawyer Archana (Madhurjeet Sarghi), who stands by her through her arduous journey. From Malti’s PIL to ban the sale of acid to amendments in the acid violence legislation, her team of women lawyers, take on the system. Her other main support comes from Amol (Vikrant Massey), who employs her to work for his NGO.

Deepika Padukone is the soul of the film, delivering a brilliant, immersive performance. In fact, there are many scenes where her act will move you to tears – like the one where she holds up an earring to her face but realizes now she can’t put it on. Or her piercing cry when she sees her face for the first time in a mirror after the attack. And one where she determinedly tells Amol, “Mujhe party karni hain.” Precisely why Malti’s character is a winner because at no point does she succumb to self-pity. And as Deepika embraces her character completely, her transformation is enhanced through effective prosthetics. Devoid of even a hint of glamour, all we see is Malti throughout.

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” So unless you’ve been living under a rock you should be aware of what the movie is about, so I’ll quickly jump into what worked for me and what did not.

Here’s what worked

a) The way the movie makes you squirm by portraying the terror faced by the acid attack victims. There is no censoring the violence, the pain or the way in which a person’s life is changed by just a glass of liquid
b) Deepika Padukone as Malti, I could write paras about how damn good Deepika is and how she lives up to the task of literally being in every frame of the movie, but I’ll just limit it to one scene. Her scream on being attacked literally broke my heart, to bring in such rawness was essential to the role and she delivered that with aplomb
c) Vikrant Massey as Amol – I posted it last week on this guy’s performance in Broken but Beautiful, and I’ll say it again. Everything that this guy touches is so good, we use this expression a lot but here is one sincere actor who puts his 100% in giving the best in every single frame
d) The court scenes – Unlike most movies which have legal proceedings as a major part of the script the court scenes do not drag here, they are precise and to the point
e) The title track – Arijit Singh delivers a masterpiece with the song Chhapaak, but then how often do we say this? Anything surprising in this?

What did not work

a) The duration – Even at 2.05 hours the movie seems stretched a bit, especially in the second half. Some angles, including the addition of a budding romantic angle add nothing to the story at all
b) The missing feeling of triumph – Maybe it has a lot to do with the slightly weak direction here, but unlike a “Pink” where I felt Taapsee’s triumph I did not feel the same level of elation at watching Malti achieve her goal

Overall Recommendation – 3.5 stars, the movie achieves its objectives and is lifted by the performances but there was a scope to achieve more here” – Abhishek Manroa

“Today’s generation who is loosing on compassion will not digest. For me it is a must watch for teenagers and college goers. The young generation should be aware and these movies would also help those dirty mind-set acid attackers to atleast evidence the tough going. Anyways a message to Governmnt and public to be more aware and to be proactive too. Let all who witness such incident learn to handle emergency. Everyone in public should have taken bottles of water to douse the pain of the lady. Half the time we as public don’t know how to react. Incase of fire we know water is needed to douse flames. Yet today people don’t even take that initiative. Such movies will help public to spot the guilty on time and scream thief no acid-attack”- Krishna who gives 4/5 .

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