Driving Licence Movie story

Superstar Hareendran is well known for his driving skills and craze for cars. Kuruvila Joseph, a motor vehicle inspector, is a die-hard fan of Hareendran. For his latest film, Hareendran needs to submit his driving license but discovers that it is missing. He approaches Kuruvilla for help, but the fan and the superstar get entangled in a fight of their own. Having lost his driving license, superstar Hareendran needs a new one issued ASAP. But coming down from his privileged high-horse would prove to be difficult even though the vehicle inspector Kuruvila is his die-hard fan.Driving Licence Full movie download

Driving Licence Movie cast

Prithviraj Sukumaran as Hareendran
Suraj Venjarammoodu as MVI Kuruvila Joseph
Miya George as Elsa, Kuruvila’s wife
Deepti Sati as Bhama, Hareendran’s wife
Adhish Praveen as Jinto, Kuruvila’s son
Nandhu as Kunjali, Hareendran’s driver
Saiju Kurup as Johny Peringodan
Suresh Krishna as Bhadran, an actor
Lalu Alex as Jagannatha Varma
Vijayaraghavan as Himself (Guest Role)
Idavela Babu as Himself (Guest Role)
Innocent as Himself (Voice Presence)

Driving Licence Full movie download

Hareendran (Prithviraj) an automobile-crazy superstar who is in dire need of his licence copy after he loses his original. As he needs to receive approval from Kuruvilla (Suraj), an honest road safety inspector and an ardent fan of the star. What happens is a battle of wits between Hareendran and Kuruvilla after the former gets into a humiliating moment at Kuruvilla’s office. Despite a quirky premise, the makers present it in a more believable and plausible way. The script is packed with subtler details that doesn’t make you question the plot.

The plot humanises its protagonists by showing their vulnerable sides- Hareendran couldn’t spare a moment for his ailing wife as he receives undue pressure from his producers while Kuruvilla is desperate to prove to his child that his father can stand up to anyone, irrespective of their magnitude. Driving Licence presents media trial in an emotionally engrossing way, thus resulting in a satisfying resolution.

Driving Licence full movie download
 Driving Licence full movie download

Driving Licence works mainly due to the nuanced performances. Prithviraj portrays the wider shades of a superstar with poise while Suraj Venjaramoodu equally portrays the delicate and sly nature of Kuruvilla. The cast’s ensemble acting wonderfully uplifts the film. Alex J. Pulickal’s camera captures the glare with well-lit sequences, especially during the scene where Hareendran takes an oral examination to obtain his learner’s licence. The only issue is that the pre-climactic portion could’ve avoided the melodrama, which sticks out in an otherwise restrained film. With a mix of humour and engrossing drama, Driving Licence makes a pleasant watch.

Throughout the movie, Prithviraj as Hareendran seems like himself in television interviews, minus the causal and genial candor one sees in his demeanor. Suraj Venjarammood is an actor unto himself. It truly has been a good year for him and as Kuruvila, the star’s ardent admirer in a dignified job, he keeps his stars shining. Saiju Kurup is a spot-on laughter initiator. Though his crafty politician is a cliche the actor makes it hilarious. MiYa’s performance is also especially laudable. She adorably brings in the craftiness of a less educated homemaker who is pleased and annoyed with the little things in life.

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Salim Kumar plays a character quite similar to the one he played in CID Moosa. His character is both trivial, and yet critical at the same time. Time and again, Driving License tries to poke fun at many aspects of the society, much of it is commendable. The digs at media and the film industry are rib-tickling and at times amusingly self depreciating. But it all falls flat eventually.

Driving Licence Audience review

“Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer Awesome movie must watch complete entertainer” says Jomy

“The movie is a good entertainer and a much better one compared to other recent Lal Jr. movies. Suraj’s performance is exceptional and so is Mia’s. The comedy section completely, is handled by Saiju and Suresh Krishna, who did an amazing job. The movie is definitely another hit for Prithviraj, as families will be enjoying the movie a lot. The movie is a simple movie, that we won’t even bother about the lack of strength in the screenplay, which is overshadowed by a good character build. The movie is definitely worth a watch.” says Azwn


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