Jaanu Movie story

K Ramachandra (Sharwanand) and S Janaki Devi (Samantha) are high-school sweethearts who meet at a reunion after seventeen long years. What transpires next is stuff bittersweet dreams are made of. Jaanu and Janaki, falls somewhere in between. It’s both heartbreaking and cathartic at the same time, and to truly understand why every conversation between the two characters – Ram and Jaanu – feels like a ticking time-bomb, one has to delve into how writer and director C Prem Kumar uses long pauses and silence as a prelude to confessions between the two characters.

Jaanu full movie download
Jaanu  full movie download

Ram (Sharwanand), a travel photographer, meets his old flame Jaanu (Samantha) during a school reunion. As they spend the night together, they relive the past whilst discussing their present lives. While Jaanu moved on and made peace with her love failure, Ram is yet to come out of it.

Jaanu full movie download
Jaanu  full movie download

Jaanu is a faithful, line-by-line remake, except for a few changes in the pop culture references and new songs replacing the ones in the original. The film has captured the essence of the original as a result of it. The makers have given a mature treatment of love failure, as the film holds either of them responsible for the failed romance.

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Jaanu Movie story

Jaanu Cast


Sai Kiran Kumar


Gouri G Kishan

Saranya Pradeep

Hasini Mavi

Vennela Kishore

Thagubothu Ramesh

Raghu Babu

Varsha Bollamma

Tanikella Bharani

Jaanu Movie Songs

“The Life of Ram” sung by Pradeep Kumar

“Pranam” sung by Chinmayi and Goutham Bharadwaj

“Oohale” sung by Chinmayi and Govind Vasantha

“Nee Kale Kali”  sung by Brinda

“Inthena” sung by Chinmayi

“Komma Veedi” sung by Chinmayi and  Govind Vasantha

“Anantham” sung by Chinmayi and Govind

Jaanu  full movie download

K Ramachandra aka Ram (Sharwanand) is a travel photographer, a lone ranger and a free spirit who has built up layers of walls over the years and formed his own bubble to live in. When he visits his hometown Visakhapatnam, the walls begin to crumble one by one as he cherishes the memories of his childhood. A school reunion is called for in Hyderabad and while he’s happy to meet his childhood friends (Saranya Pradeep, Tagubothu Ramesh, Vennela Kishore), he’s really there for his childhood sweetheart S Janaki Devi alias Jaanu (Samantha). And when the two inevitably meet, with the chance to spend a few hours together in the hope to salve some deep wounds that still remain, what unfolds is difficult to describe but something truly magical.

Jaanu is like a huge suitcase-full of memories that Ram cherishes. A journey that kick-starts with a class photo and ends right where it begins, except leaving two people with the closure they might not deserve but need. The romance between Ram and Jaanu is understated yet well-defined in the most beautiful of ways. Tenth-grader Ram (Sai Kiran Kumar) suddenly finds himself unable to speak in his friend Jaanu’s (Gouri G Kishan) presence, a problem that will continue for years to come. Jaanu sings like a dream (like her namesake) and is unafraid of prodding Ram to get what she wants. And just like their romance, the reason they parted ways years ago is also so frustratingly simple.

For all the beautiful moments that the film creates, it’s also self-indulgent in a way. And part of the reason why it feels a tad too slow at times is how Prem Kumar chooses to let the story unfold after both Jaanu and Ram share their version of what exactly happened in the past. In this story, the truth doesn’t quite set the characters free. In fact, it reiterates that no matter how much they try to lessen the emotional burden from their hearts, both of them struggle to move on. So, in the third act of the film, when Ram and Jaanu talk about their future and what both of them want the other person to do next, it feels more like wishful thinking than a resolution to their conflict. Both of them pretend that they have repressed their feelings, if any, but their actions speak otherwise.

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Jaanu is a nostalgic trip filled with lots of beautiful moments, and it also makes you ask yourselves if you can truly move on from some relationships. By the end of the film, Ram is so moved after meeting Jaanu that he clings on to her memories even more, and Jaanu herself struggles to let go despite knowing that she has another man in her life. The fuse keeps burning without an end in sight, and that’s what makes it so effective.

Audience Review

Nice movie but didn’t get the original flavor of 96… movie was little bit slow in first half but second half is good. Nice acting by sarvanandh and Samantha- Akhil

Sam & Sharva lived in .. No comparisons pls.Original is always the best .. Respect …Perfect emotions .. perfect feel perfect love- sreekanth


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