Malgudi Days Story

In this amalgamation of relationships and nostalgia, a 65-year-old celebrated writer Lakshminarayana Malgudi announces his retirement. On his Post-retirement run to complete a few pending things, he happens to meet a young girl named Prakruthi who becomes a part of his journey. What uncovers next is the writer`s past, the reason why she joins him in his journey and the inspiring connection between Malgudi Days and Lakshminarayana Malgudi.   Malgudi days full movie download here

Malgudi Days Cast

Arjun Kapikad

Vidya Murthy

Vijay Raghavendra

Greeshma Sridhar


Malgudi Days Full movie download

Prakruti is a young IT analyst who’s annoyed with her boss constantly making passes at her. Ageing author Lakshminarayana Malgudi, has just announced his retirement, and following his wife’s demise, his kids are pressuring him to move to America, to live with them. The two are at flight risk, and a chance meeting makes them embark on a road trip to Malgudi, together.The fresh storyline and unconventional protagonists make this tale a refreshing experience. The lead characters, Vijay Raghavendra as Lakshminarayana Malgudi and Greeshma Shridhar as Prakruti, shine in their roles.While the prosthetic makeup (for Vijay Raghavendra) playing the old man seems a bit inconsistent – the actor is consistent with his gait and mannerisms. Although, Vijay might look a tad bit built for the scenes showcasing his younger, school-going days, he pulls it off with his acting prowess. All the other supporting characters ably perform their roles too. And each role, regardless how minute, is given their due with well-etched out lines.

Writer Lakshmi Narayana Malgudi (Vijay Raghavendra) has announced his retirement from writing and his fans are heartbroken. The man, who lived his entire life creating wonderful memories for his readers, carries around a heavy heart but refuses to share with anyone the reason behind it. While his family suggests that he settle in a foreign land, Malgudi has other plans. He decides to go back to the place where he spent his childhood – Malgudi.On the other hand, Prakruti (Greeshma), who has quit her job after reporting workplace harassment, is on the way to find herself. The two bump into each other and begin a journey together. En route, they narrate their stories to each other.In the flashback, set in the 70s, Malgudi (a young Vijay Raghavendra), a studious Class 10 student, falls in love with Lenita. Her father, a cop, is recently transferred to Malgudi and the family is still in the process of settling down. Malgudi’s love for Lenita doubles when he finds out she is mute. Amidst all this, communal tension breaks out between Hindus and Christians in the town. While Lenita reciprocates Malgudi’s love, miscreants blame Lenita’s family for indulging in conversion. As the tension intensifies, Malgudi flees to Bengaluru. Forty years later, still in love with Lenita, he enters Malgudi with the hope of meeting her. But, will he succeed?

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While the makers have repeatedly clarified that the movie has nothing to do with the book, the expectations of cine-goers remained high. The makers have tried to justify the title to an extent but fall just short of expectations because of poor editing at crucial twists and turns. In movies shot in the Malnad region of Karnataka’s Western Ghats, nostalgia evokes a certain sweet and painful emotion watching the rain while resting one’s head on windows/doors. The movie tries to portray the ambience and feel of Western Ghat villages but the artwork is not up to the mark. Though the heroine’s looks take the audience back to the 70s, it is not convincing.

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Malgudi days full movie download
Malgudi days full movie download

Malgudi Days Audience Review

“Very nice movie, just came from theatre a rarely write reviews. This movie is way better than most of our Kannada movies in recent times, Vijaya Raghavendra has done a fabulous job. What a great actor Kannada industry has planning to go one more time with family “- sowmya

“One of the best movies so far. Brings childhood memories back to life and also the actors have done phenomenal job in portraying the characters. This movie may seem long but it gets interesting scene-by-scene. The beautiful adventures of the childhood. ❤️❤️” – Kiran

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