Prathi Poovankozhi Story

We are living in a time when showing sensitivity to women’s issues and respecting sexual boundaries are mandatory. Prathi Poovankozhi seems to captivated by this trending issue, but is a case of missing the woods for the trees.Manju Warrier plays Madhuri, a woman so infuriated by an assault on her in a bus, that she feels compelled to hit back. But Antappan, played astoundingly well by director Rosshan Andrrews, is a marketplace rowdy who is not to be messed with. Madhuri witnesses first hand how merciless he can be, but that doesn’t deter her and she sets out on a search for him over the next few days, unmindful of the severe financial crisis in her house and willing to compromise her job as a textile shop sales girl. There must hardly be a girl or woman who hasn’t faced one of these sexual assaults in public; sometimes you literally or verbally hit back, sometimes you seethe and cringe in the memory of that horrible touch. But it is unlikely that you put your life on hold because of it.Without wanting to say so, we are having to say, men don’t really get it. Unni R’s script is surprisingly flimsy. The characters played by Anusree and Grace Antony are confused and not fleshed out. Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download

Prathi Poovankozhi full cast

Manju Warrier as Madhuri
Anusree as Rosamma/ Madhuri’s friend
Rosshan Andrrews as Antony “Antappan” Joseph
Saiju Kurup as Sub Inspector Sreenath K.
Grace Antony as Sheeba
Alencier Ley Lopez as Gopi
S. P. Sreekumar
Divya Prabha as Antappan’s wife
Sasi Kala
Sekhar Menon as Happymon, Rosamma’s fiancée
Chali Pala as Madhuri’s employer
Boban Alummoodan as Madhuri’s suitor

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Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download

Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download
Prathi Poovankozhi full movie download

Prathi poovankozhi, directed by Roshan Andrews is an adaptation of a story (Sankadam)written by Unni . R . Roshan took the courage to play the antagonist too in this movie being dissatisfied of having just the director’s title to himself, but that was a great decision and I will talk about it later. Manju is Madhuri , the protagonist is a saleswoman at a textile store in the town to where she takes bus everyday. Before I step in to the details, let me draw an outline for you. This movie is based on something that happens every day in this country, even I have heard of this from different people…but today when I saw that in this movie, a terrific scene which happens on a bus, it was gross and gut wrenching. The movie is Madhuri’s journey of vengeance. She goes a long way and finally erupts like a volcano in the middle of the road which is another beautiful scene of this film. It is a very simple and stunning movie efficiently shouldered by Roshan and Manju. Madhuri is a young woman who is self made. Her father killed himself leaving behind nothing but debts and a widow and that make Madhuri’s world. She deals with so many things but simultaneously handles a job, friends and time with her mother. When she goes through something disgusting committed by Antappan played brilliantly by Roshan, her entire world collapses and she decides to take revenge. You may think she goes a little too long for that but when you ask yourself that will you just let go if someone horribly disrespects your dignity? then you may understand Madhuri better. Manju is superb as Madhuri. She keeps it sincere and real and does a brilliant job as a vulnerable young woman. She isn’t a super woman here but a vulnerable, scared and hurt woman who gains courage because it’s the matter of her dignity and her body. And it’s shocking when everyone around her finds it normal as they say ” it always happens to everyone “. Roshan turns out to be a good actor. He is creepy, scary and disgusting. He hardly has dialogues even though he would irritate you every time he comes to the screen. I loved his performance. Anusree is Rosamma , a colleague with whom Madhuri shares a warm friendship. Anusree gives a few nice laughs and she is perfect for this character. Other characters just come and go without making much of an impact and even they aren’t that important. Two downsides of this movie are Unni’s script. There are dialogues which suit only in a novel not in a movie. There are a few characters who deliver such dialogues and you would find it so dramatic. The bank manager is one of them. Gopi Sundar’s background music annoyed me at times. It could have been more softer and effective rather than just being noisy. Apart from that, I had a nice time watching this movie. Manju and Roshan are the stars

Prathi Poovankozhi Audience review

“Excellent performance from all performers that worked on screen and behind screen.. And all the credits for Roshan andrews to executive the great film and picked the bests form best performers”- saritha

“There are moments when you feel connected to the protagonist, as expected, well played by Manju Warrier. It is fair to say that Anusree & Roshan Andrews do justice to their roles. The direction of the movie is at the most average though. Running time being not that long helps in sitting through the movie” – Sharon

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