After losing his father in an attack, Tanhaji grows up to become Maratha Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s military leader. As Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb seizes the strategic hill fortress Kondhana in order to make it the Mughal base of Southern India from where he could extend his empire, Shivaji, who gave away the fortress as the part of a peace treaty, tries to hide this from Tanhaji whose son is going to get married. When Tanhaji discovers about this, he sets out to stop Aurangzeb’s trusted soldier Udaybhan Singh Rathore from reaching the fortress and taking control of it as per his king’s orders. Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download

Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior cast

Ajay Devgn as Tanaji Malusare
Saif Ali Khan as Udaybhan Singh Rathore
Kajol as Savitribai Malusare
Sharad Kelkar as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Luke Kenny as Aurangzeb
Padmavati Rao as Rajmata Jijabai
Shashank Shende as Shelaar Mama
Devdatta Nage as Suryaji Malusare, Tanaji’s brother
Neha Sharma as Kamla Devi
Ajinkya Deo as Pisal
Vipul Kumar Gupta as Jagat Singh
Jagannath Nivangune as Tanhaji’s father
Trisha Patil as Tanhaji’s mother
Hardik Sangani as Gondya

Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download

The film begins with a young Tanhaji losing his father on the battlefield. ‘Log vashihat mein bahut kuch chhod jaate hai, mein tere liye karz chhodkar jaa raha hoon,” the latter passes on his iron kada (signifying his dream of achieving Swarajya for the country) before breathing his last. Years pass by and the lad grows up into a fierce Maratha warrior (Ajay Devgn) who is one of the closest aides of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Sharad Kelkar). When the king is forced to surrender 23 forts to the Moghuls including the Kondhana fort (which is of strategic importance), Rajamata Jijabai’s pride is hurt and she swears to walk bare feet until the Marathas recapture the Kondhana fort. Four years later, a spy brings news for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that Aurangzeb (Luke Kenny) is planning to send his trusted commander Udaybhan (Saif Ali Khan) to Kondhana to ensure that the Marathas are unable to recapture the fort. Finding it a perfect opportunity to reclaim the fort, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj starts planning for the conquest, making sure that the news doesn’t reach Tanhaji Malusare who is busy with the preparations for his son’s wedding in Umrat. Somehow the news of Chhatrapati’s plans reach Tanhaji’s ears and the latter firmly decides, “Adhi lagin kondhanyach mag majhya raibacha.” The rest of the plot revolves around how Tanhaji Malusare and his brave Mavlas recapture the Kondhana fort in the Battle Of Sinhagad on February 4, 1670.

Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download
    Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior full movie download

The music is situational and not of chartbuster variety. ‘Ghamand Kar’ is the theme song of the film and is quite exhilarating. ‘Shankara Re Shankara’ comes at a great juncture. ‘Maay Bhavani’ is average while ‘Tinak Tinak’ is moving. Sandeep Shirodkar’s background score adds to the drama heavily.

Keiko Nakahara’s cinematography is of superior quality. Despite so much of action and fights happening, the camerawork ensures that all is captured well.. Sujeet Subhash Sawant and Sriram Kannan Iyengar’s production design is straight out of the bygone era. The sets are authentic and not needlessly grand, considering that the film focuses on the life of the Maratha soldiers and their houses can’t resemble palaces. But while depicting Aurangzeb’s residence, the designers have gone all out, rightfully so. Ramzan Bulut and R P Yadav’s action is a bit gory but is controlled and visually looks great. Vikram Gaikwad’s make-up is neat. Nachiket Barve and Mahesh Sherla’s costumes are realistic. NY VFXWaala’s VFX is splendid and there’s not a single moment where the effects look tacky. Also, the 3D is not done for the heck of it and it actually complements the narrative. Dharmendra Sharma’s editing is slick.

On the whole, TANHAJI: THE UNSUNG WARRIOR is an entertaining and a paisa-vasool film that would be loved by the masses as well as classes. At the box office, it can run riot in Maharashtra and other mass centres and could turn out to be the first Rs. 100 crore grosser of 2020. Highly Recommended!

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Tanhaji Audience Review

” Tanhaji : The Unsung Hero…… It is 1664, the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb has set Delhi as his capital and he wants to make the all important Kondhana fort ( Pune ) as his Deccan capital Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who has given a tough fight to Aurangzeb, but right now he has already given this fort to him by signing a treaty 4 years later, Shivaji wants to capture this fort back. Specially when he gets the news that Aurangzeb has sent Udaybhan Rathod to safeguard Kondhana fort Now his friend and his best warrior Tanhaji Malusare is the best guy for this job. Will he capture it back or will Udaybhan prove to be too strong for Tanhaji……watch this spectacularly made movie in all it’s grandeur and awesome 3D effects ( probably the best 3D effects film of Bollywood till date ) to know the climax Ajay Devgn……last year playing comedy in Total Dhamaal and an emotional role in De De Pyar De. Here he is back doing what he is the best at…..action👊🏻 His expressions, his body language, his dialogue delivery in confrontational scenes…..brilliant👌🏻👌🏻 This also happens to be 100th film of his career and also produced by him, great effort to pull out this mammoth project successfully👍🏻 Saif Ali Khan……if you want to see the real actor Saif, see his Omkara and this one…..excellent👏🏻👏🏻 A beast of a cruel guy here He doesn’t think twice to cut off elephant’s trunk He kills a high flying eagle with his sphere He eats crocodile’s meat Kills humans mercilessly Chops the enemy soldiers with his long sword like vegetables, using the bottom part of the sword also simultaneously with great effect That cunning laughter..😈…what awesome performance👍🏻 The director Om Raut……suddenly you enter the mainstream commercial cinema and come up with this marvellous work of art….aise kaise bhai….too good🎯 The narrative part is explained simply, which makes it easier for the viewers The dialogues are simple but effective The cinematography, the background music will get you excited with the moving I am sure on 3 scenes in particular Ajay Devgn’s entry Saif’s entry And first confrontation between the 2, the single screen cinema audiences must be full of sitis and cheering🥳🤟🏻 The first half is nice, immediately after intermission, for sometime the second half starts a bit dull…..but may be the director planned it that way…..going all out in the exhilarating last sequence👍🏻 Maratha soldiers entering the high rise Kondhana fort Hard hitting sword fights Arrows blowing The technique used for climbing the vertical wall with bamboo sticks was innovative Special attention given for the artwork done for the Maratha forts and different for the Mughal palace Sharad Kelkar as Shivaji Maharaj Luke Kenny as Aurangzeb Kajol as Savitribai ( Ajay’s wife ) Neha Sharma as Saif’s love interest Played their parts good enough Highly recommended for the presentation of the movie in particular👍🏻 ” Says Prajesh.

“When Ajay Devon announced Tanhajj: The Unsung Warrior some years back, I had my own set of expectations from this heroic tale of SubedarTaanaii Malusare. I had some visuals and template of the film’s storytelling in mind that speaks of heroism, bravery and sacrifice in the most realistic manner, which automatically seems larger-than-life due to the subtext running behind. And Om Raut delivers or rather, surpasses all the expectations in his epic period saga, which is more like a painting with a fresh brush different from the visuals we have seen in period films made here.He gets to the point right from the first scene, which sets the base of an emotional over-drive with drama and action that is to follow. Tanhajj should best be described as a film that resulted in birth of a new-genre in Hindi-Film Industry— A period thriller, as the film keeps you on the edge of the seat all throughout. AfaveDevop and Om Raut’s decision to proceed with a restrained run-time works *time as seldom does the narrative drag. Even the songs are well placed and there’s a story running in its backdrop thereby not hamperingthe pace. It’s amongthe technically sound period films made and the 3D effect indeed transports you to the world of Tanhajj. There’s action, then there is well choreographed action and then comes well written action and this film is an amalgamation of well-choreographed and well written action. It’s realistic, but the cause of action is so larger-than-life that it leads to heroic situations at regular interval. Without divulging into the details, the climax set piece is a MASTERPIECE in itself and will create euphoria like never before at cinema halls, particularly in Maharashtra. You cry, you cheer, you laugh and there arises a point where you will be forced to stand up and clap.
The dialogues however could have been a little better, particular in the first half. There are a couple of scenes that drag, but well, one can easily ignore these minute flaws as there arises a point when emotions takeover, and you are just invested in the film. Coming to performances, Ajay Devgn as Taanaii Malusare is a RIOT. His dialogue delivery gets the Goosebumps, the intensity in his eyes stands forfaith, and his action scenes denote heroism. It’s easily among one of the best performances among the 100 films of his career. And to say this for an actor of Ajay Devgn’s caliber is a big thing. Sail Ali Khan’s act is KILLER from the word go. He reinvents himself as an actor and this is easily his best performance till date. He is menacing and gets his trademark quirk to the character. Sharad Kelkar is retrained and his dignified silence speaks through mere expressions. He underplays to reflect the calm personality with perfection.
It’ sjust the first week of 2020 and I feel Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior will definitely remain one of the best films of the year. From drama to action, thrill and emotion— the film has everything to offer. The landmark film for Ajay Devgn (Read 100′” Film for Ajay Devon) is the landmark film of his careerthat will be remembered foryears to come. Go for it, and celebrate the bravery of epic Maratha warrior, Tanhaji Malusare and witness one of the best cinematic climaxes ever ” says Mayur.


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